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The city of Cadiz

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The city of Cadiz is a splendid coastal city surrounded almost entirely by water and known for its immense sandy beaches. It is situated at the most extreme southern point of Spain in the province of Andalucía. With a population of 135.000 this city is always buzzing and full of life. The city itself is divided into two parts, the Old town and the New town. The new town very much resembles many coastal towns or cities along the coast of Spain with many roads lined with palm trees (said to be brought back by Columbus), many bars and restaurants.

The Old town or central quarter of Cadiz is where the true character of the city lies. Famous for its picturesque charm, many of the buildings reflect the city's history. The old city looks quite Moorish in appearance, made up of many intriguing narrow cobbled streets which lead many quaint squares and pretty plazas which are perfect places to sit and relax. Squares such as San Juan de Dios, España, Mina, Constitucion and Mentidero have their own distinct style. It takes an hour to walk around the cape visiting the entire old town and passing through some lovely parks with sweeping views of the bay. Unlike most other ports of its size, Cadiz's seems immediately relaxed and easy going, not at all threatening, even at night.

Cadiz has seen many different civilizations over its long period of history - the Phoenicians, the Romans, the Visigoths, the Moors, and of course, the Spaniards. All these contributed to what Cadiz is today leaving their mark on much of the architecture Cadiz possesses.

When exploring the historical quarter, visit the Baroque Cathedral, a grand structure with a striking golden dome. There are museums with impressive art and archeological collections, such as the Municipal History Museum, the Fine Arts Museum and the Archeological Museum. Cadiz also has churches, beaches and parks waiting to be explored. The city's walls, towers and gardens are good spots to get a great view of the sea.

Overall, Cadiz is a perfect place to meander along and discover the treasures it has to offer. It is an enchanting city with a strong character, a sense of history and culture...the perfect spot to learn Spanish!.

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