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Cadiz is one of the southernmost cities in Europe. Its beaches stretch along the Costa de la Luz, bathed in all the sun and bright atmosphere you would expect from a Spanish coast. These lands have been inhabited by Tartessians, Phoenicians, Visigoths, Muslims, and Christians, and now it's your turn. Studying Spanish here among the warm-hearted locals is a constant adventure that will take you deep inside the Andalusian culture. You're sure to love the laid-back lifestyle and beautiful beaches, but remember, when you learn Spanish in Cadiz, you'll be immersed in thousands of years of history. The city's many historical and cultural routes include Roman ruins, the port from which Columbus set sail on two of his journeys, art from every era, and countless places you'll have to see for yourself to truly begin to understand them.

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Learn Spanish in Cadiz with our intensive Spanish courses designed to help you learn quickly and effectively, making the most of your time. Depending on your schedule, choose an Intensive Spanish program with 20, 25, or 30 Spanish classes per week. This way, you can combine your Spanish classes with cultural routes and activities around the city. With our interactive Spanish lessons, you will learn the tools you need to communicate in Spanish at all times if you're just starting to study the language, or you will consolidate what you already know and iron out the details you have left to learn if you have a higher level. If you prefer, you also have the opportunity to do an internship to improve your Spanish in a professional environment or take part in our Gap Year program in Cadiz.

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Travel Through Cadiz

Cadiz is a city to see in person. In just over 5 square miles you will find more than 30 castles from different periods along with monuments and historic sites such as the Roman theater and the Cathedral. The city is home to museums with works by world-famous artists, such as El Greco, Murillo, Goya, and Zurbarán, as well as a delicious gastronomy in which tuna and good wine feature prominently. And, if you are a sports person, the coasts of Cadiz are considered the best place in Europe for windsurfing, although you can also scuba dive, fish, or practice the water sport you like best. There's nothing better than walking to the beautiful beaches of Cadiz with your new friends after your daily Spanish classes.

Torre Tavira
Plaza de las Flores
Gran Teatro Falla
Genovés Park
Plaza de España


Torre Tavira
At almost 150 feet above sea level, this tower is the highest point of the city. Located in the old town, it was built to monitor all the movement in the Port of Cadiz, and today you can go inside to feel what it was like to be an 18th-century watchman.
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Discover Cadiz

Cadiz is a city you can enjoy in any season. Thanks to its popularity with tourists, many events are scheduled throughout the year, from museum and art exhibitions to concerts and sports activities. No matter when you decide to study Spanish in Cadiz, you'll find everything you need to enjoy the city to the fullest and put what you've learned into practice outside the classroom.

CARNIVAL - March 28 to April 10

Music and costumes are the protagonists of a very satiric and enjoyable carnival.


After more than 165 years, San Lúcar beaches continue to host these spectacular horse races.

HOLY WEEK - April 5 to 12

The passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus are represented in processions, which take to the streets.


Go back to the Nasrid Kingdom and watch the Moors and Christians battle for the land.


Zahara de la Sierra covers its streets with carpets made of plants and embellishes its balconies with flowers.

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