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The city of Pamplona

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The city of Pamplona is a typical Spanish city full of history, culture and also one of the greenest cities in Europe with its many gardens and parks. Pamplona is also almost completely surrounded with nature with the Arga River on one side and the lush alpine valley of the Pyrenees on the other. As the historical capital of the Basque Country, Pamplona also maintains a very youthful feel as a university town. It is very easy for foreigners to mix in with locals and make friends because the Spanish student population in the city is so large.

Pamplona's main sights are dispersed throughout the "old town" which is divided into three parts: La Navarrerá, the oldest part of the city, and the 12th century neighborhoods of the once rivaling towns of San Cernin and San Nicolás.

The city center is a pleasure to wander through, full of unexpected places, wonderful architecture, unique museums and more. While the spirit of the old town (where a flurry of constant activity takes place) is in the Plaza del Castillo, the remaining stretches of Pamplona's formidable defensive walls, the magnificent Romanesque Gothic cathedral (which has seen many archeological excavations) and the Ciudadela are also intriguing places that cannot be left unexplored.

The 11th century marked Pamplona's "golden years" as the city's location along the Camino de Santiago (pilgrimage route) brought it economic development and success. This religious pilgrimage to the Galician city of Santiago de Compostela, which still attracts thousands of pilgrims each year, sparked commercial and cultural exchanges with the countries and cultures on the other side of the Pyrenees. During the 16th century, Pamplona became a key defensive outpost against France and by the 18th century Pamplona had become a wealthy city with improved infrastructure.

Pamplona also offers a vibrant nightlife for Spanish students. Most nights begin in the old quarter with pintxos (tapas) and drinks and then continue to the many bars and clubs. The Basque country and Navarra are known for having one of the healthiest gastronomies in Spain thanks to their location near the sea, rivers, fertile valleys and mountains.

One thing that Pamplona is definitely famous for are the San Fermines celebrations in which hundreds of Spaniards and foreigners gather together to take part in the famous Running of the Bulls. The route of gated streets through Pamplona fills with people who run in front of bulls on their way to the Plaza de Toros (bullring). Overall, Pamplona has one of the best standards of living in Spain with ample parks and green areas, a high level of industry, a good education and health system, low crime rates and a beautiful, tranquil and friendly city.

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