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Why Learn Spanish in Spain?

Why Study Spanish in Spain?

It's easier and quicker, with better results, more inspiration and incredibly fun! You´ll get to know a people and a culture, as well as a language. Learning a language is much more than just learning the formal structure; it's learning to communicate with the people that speak it. And this you will do during your in-country course.

You will take an active part in the everyday life of the country, close to the people, immersing yourself in their culture. You´ll live the life of the locals. Speaking, reading, and listening to native speakers every day, you will gradually learn how they think, behave and live, until you are truly able to say: 'I know how to speak real Spanish'. This you can only achieve in the native country of the language.

Plus, studying will not be dull or boring! You will discover a rich culture of fiestas, relaxed conversations in tapas bars and cafes, leisure strolls and exciting street life. On the weekends, you´ll take a trip to the mountains or the beach, visit stunning cities or simply meet and make new lifelong friends from all over the world. Learning Spanish in its native countries is a unique experience.

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