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The city of Cartagena de Indias

Cartagena de Indias

This north coast Colombian seaport city is a place where cobblestone alleyways invite visitors to explore and where colonial architecture offers a glimpse into the city’s legendary past, when pirates ruled the Caribbean. Today, horse drawn carriages and guitar players drift through the old town, their captivating melodies floating over Spanish-style plazas, tiled roofs and beyond to the open sea, inspiring dreamlike enchantment and old-fashioned adventure. Welcome to Cartagena city, a fashionable travel destination for those in search of sun, sand, sights and a sizzling nightlife, without forgetting breezy strolls through the old walled downtown.

Over two miles of stone city wall have encompassed this charming city for 400 years, containing wonderfully preserved baroque buildings, cannons and watchtowers. Warm water beaches (all year round) are within walking distance while flowery courtyards and relaxing terraces offer sightseers the chance to take a break from exploring and to enjoy a cool beverage. Things liven up at night in Cartagena, when the energetic rhythms of meringue and salsa fill the tropical air and clubbers dance the night away.

Cartagena’s multicultural flavor is made up of a unique fusion of cultural influences; Indigenous, African, Spanish and Arab heritage is all present here, and visitors are recommended to immerse themselves in the city’s vibrant artistic traditions and to try local cuisine. International events are also held in the city, attesting to its status as a major cultural capital. With about a million residents, world-class shopping, stylish restaurants for sophisticated tastes and a skyscraper-studded skyline, modern Cartagena lives in perfect harmony with its traditional charm to offer an ideal vacation destination.

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