Student Accommodations

We offer five different accommodation options for you to integrate with the local culture. Whether you choose to stay with a host family, in one of our student residences, a shared student apartment, or hotel, we know that comfort and quality are an essential part of your study trip. Whether you are getting ready for a weekend excursion with some friends or bonding over dinner with your host family, you will continue living the Spanish experience outside the classroom. Choose the option which best fits your needs and makes you feel at home away from home.

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Host Family

Host Family

This is the perfect accommodation option for those who want the most authentic experience possible and are looking forward to speaking Spanish at home. Learn the nuances of the language as you get to know your host family over meals and during your daily home routine. Accommodation with a host family allows you to get the most out of your language course as it gives you a privileged view of daily life in another culture. All of our host families are carefully selected by our team to guarantee that you have the best stay possible. 

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Student Residence

Our student residences give you the opportunity to live as a student, choose from a variety of meal options, and be located near our don Quijote language schools. It is a great option because you are sure to connect with other like-minded students who share your same passion for learning Spanish. Practice Spanish with your classmates and discover a whole world of possibilities.

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Shared Student Apartment

For more independence, we recommend staying in one of our shared student apartments. Cooking and cleaning are up to you, and you have more flexibility to shape your stay how you want it to be. Our apartments are a great way to discover what life is like for locals and instantly become part of the community. You will be shopping at local grocery stores, getting to know neighbors, and discovering your favorite parks and restaurants. 

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