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Spanish Love

Spanish Love

When we say LOVE in English, there are so many translations in Spanish: “I love you” is te quiero; “I love strawberries” is me gustan mucho las fresas; “they made love” is hicieron el amor; “I would love to see you”, me encantaría verte… In every one of these sentences, the word LOVE has a slightly different meaning.

Spanish is a geat language for expressing your feelings, with a wide range of subtle nuances that enrich what we're saying. Bob Dylan once said (and as an Italian would say if it isn't true, it could be) that Spanish is the ideal language to sing about love. There must be a reason.

To learn move vocabulary related to love, or how to say I love you in five different languages (because who knows what could happen), take a look at our Audio Dictionary of love.

If you've already found that special someone, why not show them by preparing them one of our Spanish love recipes?

You can also write a Love Letter or send them a Love Song or in Spanish.

If you want to write how you feel on paper, our website is full of information to satisfy your romantic needs.

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