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Spanish Love Songs

Love Songs in Spanish

Joaquín Sabina

"Love is a fantastic lie", Joaquín Sabina once said. A definition that might sound rather cynical, but not surprising given who said it. Sabina's successful album, "19 días y 500 noches", part of the bittersweet sensations that a broken relationship leaves, even though the singer is an expert in covering it up with irony and rhythm: "I suddenly saw myself as a dog with no owner / barking at the gates of heaven / she left me a vanity case full of grievances / honey on the lips / and frost in my hair". This prolific singer-songwriter keeps leaving signs of his peculiar view of human relations in production like the audiobooks Ciento volando de catorce (2001), Dímelo en la calle (2002), Alivio de luto (2005), Vinagre y rosas (2009) and La orquesta del Titanic (2012), with Joan Manuel Serrat. He has also recently published some albums that are taken directly from his concerts, like Nos sobran los motivos (2000), Dos pájaros de un tiro (2007), with Joan Manuel Serrat and the most recent En el Luna Park (2012), with Joan Manuel Serrat.

Sabina, as well as having a lot of experience on the matter, has reflected the highs and lows of love in his songs. His works are full of stories about dislike, passionate encounters and reflections on the brevity of feelings and tricks of the heart.

His songs:
- 19 días y 500 noches.
- Y sin embargo.
- Calle melancolía.

Alejandro Sanz

These days he's a key figure on the Latin pop scene, and allows himself a luxury that few artists can afford: selling around 1,000,000 copies of his album El Alma al Aire in one week. He is at the height of his career, he's published No es lo mismo (2003), El tren de los momentos (2006), Paraíso express (2009) and La música no se toca (2012) and we only need to see where he's going next.
"El alma al aire" has, from beginning to end, an impressive ability to bring everything together, to create rhythm in the air, the heart and the soul. Alejandro Sanz has won the hearts of thousands of girls who, for comfort, listen to his albums without stopping plaster their entire rooms with photos of their idol.

His songs:
- Corazón partío.
- Se le apagó la luz.
- Viviendo deprisa.
- Cuando nadie me ve.

Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias has had to free himself from the very large shadow of his father, and has done it perfectly well. He's known what he wanted from the beginning, and he's still looking: "I could find what I'm looking for... I'm on my way. I'm very intelligent", he says laughing.
Today Enrique Iglesias is a pop sensation who makes half the world fall for him, his fans are an army that crosses borders. An artist that sings in English but feels in Spanish. To understand his emotions, his heritage and his life, you only need to listen to one of his songs for a few minutes.

His songs:
- Héroe.
- Si tú te vas.
- Experiencia religiosa.
- Falta tanto amor.

Ricky Martin

Times are changing and how fast they are; until now, young people from North America danced to Latin music and presidential candidates play their songs in speeches to get the Hispanic vote. 
Ricky Martin is a typical example. He got everyone - Latin or not - to dance to the rhythm to "La copa de la vida" at a football final. And that's saying something... This Hispanic pop figure has a lot of charisma and "something special". Everyone falls in love with his rhythm, so much that they dance to "Livin' la vida loca". 

His songs:
- She bangs.
- Living' la vida loca.

Other songs:

Luis Miguel:
- O tú o ninguna
- Ayer

Cristina Aguilera:
- Genio atrapado
- Ven conmigo

- En el muelle de San Blas
- Clavado en un bar