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由于我们的创新和个性化的学习方法,我们融合了课堂课程和文化沉浸。 我们教学方法的核心是我们世界一流的教师,他们的热情、经验和专业精神得到保证。400多名全职教师每年为超过30,000名学生教授西班牙语。 我们所有的老师都拥有大学以上学位。


在唐吉诃德,我们将以学生的任何需求来帮助他们。 无论他们有问题还是只需要一些友好的建议,我们都会为他们服务。 我们每所学校都有一个团队,其中包括以下角色:
学校主任 - 负责学校的运作和员工。
学术主任 - 在任何与学术相关的问题上提供帮助,如证书或水平作业。
住宿和住宿顾问 - 可以回答有关寄宿家庭,居住生活或其他住房选择的任何问题。
教师 – 你的教授将为你提供个性化的学习体验,并充分利用你在课堂上的时间。
Salomé Torres

Salomé Torres


I love working with don Quijote because by being at the school and planning my courses, I am able to establish a very personal relationship with my students. They are not numbers. I have the opportunity to get to know the students and build a curriculum based on what they already know, their needs and their interests. I love that at don Quijote we take a humanistic approach, and that it’s even more flexible and open. Small class sizes also allow us to create and customize our learning path day to day.
Jesús Baz

Jesús Baz


I am passionate about teaching at don Quixote because the small class sizes allow me to build such great relationships with the students that they end up becoming part of my family, or friends, or simply Facebook friends... But the best and most important aspect of the school is that we all learn from each other.



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