Faculty and School Team

Thanks to our innovative and personalized learning method, we blend classroom lessons and cultural immersion. At the center of our teaching methodology is our world-class faculty whose enthusiasm, experience, and professionalism is guaranteed.
More than 400 full-time faculty members teach Spanish to over 30,000 students on a yearly basis. All our teachers have a university degree.
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don Quijote's School Team

At don Quijote we're here to help each of our students in whatever way they need. Whether they have a question or just need some friendly advice, we're here for them. Each one of our schools has a team that includes the following roles:
School Director
Responsible for the schools
Academic Director
There to help in any academic related matter such as certificates or level assignments
Residence and Housing Advisor
Can answer any questions regarding host families, residence life or other housing options
Faculty Members
Your professors are ther to personalize your learning experience and make the most of your time in class
I love working with don Quijote because by being at the school and planning my courses, I am able to establish a very personal relationship with my students. They are not numbers. I have the opportunity to get to know the students and build a curriculum based on what they already know, their needs and their interests. I love that at don Quijote we take a humanistic approach, and that it’s even more flexible and open. Small class sizes also allow us to create and customize our learning path day to day.

Tenerife (Salomé Torres)

I am passionate about teaching at don Quixote because the small class sizes allow me to build such great relationships with the students that they end up becoming part of my family, or friends, or simply Facebook friends... But the best and most important aspect of the school is that we all learn from each other.

Salamanca (Jesús Baz)

Salomé Torres Jesús Baz


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