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Learn Spanish in Antigua, Guatemala

Learn Spanish in Antigua

Spanish School in Antigua

Our Spanish school in Antigua is located just 4 blocks from the beautiful Plaza Central. This city is small, so you can easily walk to school from your accommodation and get to know the attractions Antigua has to offer. The school also offers:

Courses start every Monday, this way the student can come whenever suits them.

*The school reserves the right to change a group course into One to One in case there is no other student at the same level. If this happens, there will be a reduction in class hours of 50%.


Classes run Monday to Friday. Sessions begin either in the morning, between 8:00-12:00 or begin in the afternoon between 14:00-18:00. Each session is divided into two blocks with a 20 minute break in between.

The first block is mainly dedicated to grammar and vocabulary, while the second block is spent practicing what you learned in the first block through conversation and exercises.

You have two different teachers between the first and second block. This is done so you get to hear different accents and different ways of speaking. This will help you advance faster in your own pronunciation, and will also give you more interesting dynamics while learning.

Our Spanish Teachers

All of our teachers are hand-picked and experienced. They have a passion for teaching the Spanish language, sharing their rich culture, and the local ways of thinking and traditions.

The teachers at the school are a mix of men and women of different ages and personal backgrounds that will warmly welcome you into the country. Whatever your reason for wanting to learn our language, they will make your Spanish language course an unforgettable one.

Accommodation in Antigua

You will have the option of choosing the following type of accommodation:

On Sundays, meals are not provided in any type of accommodation.

Activities and Excursions

Every week there are about 3-4 organized activities, which are accompanied by our staff, who are happy to explain new and hidden features of things you may never have seen before. We also try to make it as varied as possible, this way we offer something for everyone.

The most common activities are:

If there is a local festival or celebration happening, we include that in the activity program, give detailed explanations about them, and make sure you get to experience them in the traditional way.

Furthermore, once a week everyone goes out on a "Pub Night" to relax and get to know each other. While the activities are completely voluntary, everybody likes them and they are a good way to get to know new students and make new friends.

We also offer Salsa classes, every Tuesday, in our new dance studio. Our classes are fun and it is open to both teachers and students.

Our Opinion

With its welcoming atmosphere and its beautiful surrounding, Antigua is the ideal place to study. You will not only meet and mingle with the locals, you will be fully immersed in the Guatemalan culture. Our school is here to cater to your needs and help you become as proficient in Spanish as possible!

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