Student Residence

Combine study and leisure in one place: our student residences offer an environment where you can study, make international friends and improve your Spanish while having a good time.

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Student Residence

One of the best ways to enjoy a stay in another country is to reside in a student residence: you will meet classmates in the same circumstances as you, with whom to form study groups, resolve your doubts, organize outings or, simply, have fun in your spare time without having to leave the house.

Student Residences

For your comfort, each of the residences are equipped to make your daily life easier. They include a kitchen and common areas such as patios and lounges, where you can share leisure time with your classmates. Choose between single or double rooms for your stay and we'll take care of everything. Of course, the residences have Wi-Fi, maid service and laundry.


The residences are located near the don Quijote schools, in lively and safe areas where you can go out to get to know your surroundings and immerse yourself in the life of the city you choose.

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