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The city of Antigua

Information about the City of Antigua in Guatemala | don Quijote

Antigua is the most visited city in Guatemala. It receives visitors from all over the world who come to visit the city itself but who also come to see the country which surrounds it. This touristic influence assures that Antigua has the necessary infrastructure. There are all types of accommodation and comforts so that the visitor has everything at hand.

The city Antigua is situated in the Valle de Panchoy and surrounded by the impressive volcanoes Agua, Fuego and Acatenango in Guatemala. At one point, after its founding in the 16th century, it was the capital of the old kingdom of Guatemala, which compromised a large part of the territory like now.

The city has lots of cultural highlights. It boasts important museums, art galleries, the theatre, concerts, which keep tourists very occupied and assure they have lots to do, every day learning something new about Guatemala and the life there.

The architecture of the city is also stunning. Walking through the streets you find yourself with the beautiful Catedral de Santiago, situated in front of the Parque Central. The cathedral is a gorgeous building from 1542. Antigua, because it is situated on a seismic zone it has been affected by many earthquakes which have damaged the cathedral, but its splendor is still conserved.

El Palacio de los Capitanes is another one of the buildings which can also be visited. It was the headquarters of the Central American government, from the state of Chiapas, in Mexico, including Costa Rica. Today it is the headquarters of the police and the tourist office.

However if you also want to know what daily life is like you can not afford to miss out on the local coloured market of Antigua. Every Monday, Thursday and Saturday thousands of people gather there to buy and sell all of types of goods. It is a good place to witness the local atmosphere and integrate oneself with the people of the city. One will surely find some trinket to remind them of their trip.

Another thing not be missed are the excursions up the volcanoes. In the tourist office they advise all the important information needed for the climb. It is recommended to use the guides provided which are from agencies specializing in this type of activity. It is also worth asking about the type of clothing necessary to use.

Make the most of your journey to Central America and enjoy the beauty Antigua Guatemala has to offer.

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