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Learn Spanish Granada

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Spanish School in Granada
Learn Spanish in Granada


Discover Granada

Close your eyes and imagine a mystical bohemian city, a sensory delight, a history lover’s dream, an adventurer’s paradise, a place where you’ll learn Spanish surrounded by cultural and natural treasures… Imagine the deep green and purple peaks of the Sierra Nevada capped in white, the ancient, sand-colored Alhambra bathed in golden light, intricate Arabic carvings and archways found throughout the city, dark green cypress trees against bright white houses with red tile roofs, sharp pink and purple bougainvillea blossoms and blood red geraniums hanging from terraces and blooming throughout the winding cobblestone streets of the Albaicín, the energy and movement of impromptu Flamenco, generous servings of Spanish tapas with every drink, international students, a spicy mix of cultures both old and new… Granada is a city where it is impossible not to be inspired. It is a city where the warm welcome of friendly Spaniards and the magical feeling created by the city’s history and by the energy of the people living there now, will immerse you in Spanish and in all the best of Spain.

Our school

Our Spanish school in Granada is found in the city’s old center close to the Palacio de Congresos and the Cathedral and within walking distance of the Alhambra Palace and the Albaicín. It is a medium sized school where it will be easy to get to know the other international students studying Spanish with you and where you’ll always be in close contact with your experienced, professional and passionate teachers. You will always have access to Wi-Fi, a small library with books to help you get inspired and to learn Spanish and a common area with computers, games and space to relax or study between classes. You’ll learn in an environment equipped with the best didactic material; and when you leave the school, you will have easy access to the rest of the city on foot or via public transportation.

What we love about Granada

We love that try as we might, it is impossible to capture the magic of Granada on the page; it is a city that must be lived. We love that when you arrive, friendly Andalusians will help you with whatever you need, whether you’re stumbling through your first sentence in Spanish or are looking to start a conversation with a local. We love that it is a city filled with manmade beauty – the Alhambra Palace, the Albaicín neighborhood, the Capilla Real, the Cathedral, the Palacio de Carlos V, the Generalife, the Basílica San Juan de Díos, the Flamenco you can hear throughout the city and especially in the Sacromonte neighborhood. And that it is surrounded by natural beauty – the Sierra Nevada, the Río Genil and Río Darro and the Mediterranean just a short trip away. We love that when you order a caña or a coke it is almost always accompanied by an unusually large plate of Spanish food (for free)! We love that the mix of cultures in the city will teach you about Spanish history and about the Spain of today. And we love that even if you’re shy, you’ll be able to dive right in and practice Spanish in Granada because of the city’s relaxed feel and friendly locals.


  • Address: Calle Palacios 13, 18009, Granada
  • Tel.: +34 923 27 72 00

The don Quijote school in Granada is found in the city center. You will find yourself surrounded by bars, restaurants and shops and within walking distance of all of the city’s inspiring cultural sites. You’ll also have easy access to great public transportation if you feel like giving your feet a rest, or would like to venture a little further out of the city (maybe a trip to the Sierra Nevada or the Mediterranean).

  • Located in the city center, with plenty of restaurants and shops nearby.
  • Close to all of the city’s main attractions (the Alhambra Palace, the Albaicín neighborhood, the Paseo de los Tristes along the Río Darro, the Mirador de San Nicolás, the Cathedral, the Basílica San Juan de Díos, the Sacromonte neighborhood).
  • Surrounded by the beautiful Sierra Nevada and close to the Mediterranean; both of which are easily accessible by buses, which can be found close to the school.
  • Great public transportation both to get around the city and for exploring the surrounding areas and towns.
Student testimonials

What our students are saying about us

Check out this students opinion Amy Bent

"My experience with the school was excellent right from my first contact. I had never been overseas before so was very nervous. The information I received from the school was first class and did much to put me at ease. All my questions about the schools, courses, accommodation and cities were answered promptly and thoroughly. I found the teachers at the school to be fantastic. They were extremely patient, friendly and very helpful. They clearly believed in and enjoyed what they were teaching. The administration team was also very helpful, patient and friendly and the excursions and extra classes were well organised and conducted by knowledgeable, friendly guides."

Check out this students opinion Svein Kvaløy

"The teachers at don Quijote are very good. I was placed in level C1 and felt that I was in the right class for my level of knowledge. We were five people from four different nationalities. I like meeting people from other cultures and enjoyed the class. I especially enjoyed the voluntary classes each evening and recommend that all students take part in them; they are of interest and fun. I would recommend don Quijote because they deliver as they promise, and because there are dQ schools in different places both in Spain and Latin America."

Check out this students opinion Jenny Johnson

"I arrived in Spain only with a handful of words and a desire to be able to communicate well in Spanish. The teachers at don Quijote have made the learning process great fun and an unforgettable experience. My fellow students have enriched that experience too and I will take away many happy memories of my time in Granada."

Check out this students opinion Mimi Balteg

"I love this place! I was in the school (the building is amazing!) for two weeks in october and enjoyed also the residence, a shared flat 5 minutes walking from the school, because it's a multiculti environment and... you have the neighbourhood of the university students 10 minutes walking! I met many people and now we're friends!"

Accommodation in Granada


Stay with a Spanish family and live in Spanish every day.

Student Residences

Stay in a comfortable environment with other international students.

Shared Apartments

Discover what it’s like to live like a Spaniard in Granada.

What you’ll find at don Quijote Granada:

  • A comfortable intimate school where you will be able to get to know your fellow students and your inspiring Spanish teachers.
  • A city filled with history, stunning architectural treasures, including the famous Alhambra Palace, and a mix of cultures to discover.
  • Access to beautiful natural areas including the Sierra Nevada for skiing and hiking and the Mediterranean, just a short ride away.
  • A great Spanish school location, walking distance from the city’s most interesting and beautiful areas (see the Albaicín neighborhood and Sacromonte) and monuments (the Cathedral, the Alhambra Palace, Río Darro, etc.).
  • Classrooms that include the best language resources, a comfortable common area and a small library.
  • Wi-Fi access throughout the school allowing students to stay connected and informed at all times.

Activities and Excursions

There are plenty of things to do in Granada, but don Quijote offers exciting workshops, activities and trips as a great way to get your feet wet. Participate in our activities to learn about Spain in a new, interesting way.

  • iconLa Alhambra Visit the Alhambra Palace get inspired by the spectacular art and architecture you’ll see, learn about Spanish history and look out over Granada to imagine its transformation through the ages.
  • iconRelaxation WorkshopRelax into Spanish with a workshop that will immerse you in Granada’s laid-back Spanish environment.
  • iconFlamencoLearn Spanish to the rhythm of a Flamenco cajón, feel the power of this culture and learn the beauty of the language when spoken through Flamenco.
  • iconDream Interpretation WorkshopBegin to dream in Spanish then learn about what your dreams might mean.
  • iconCity TourStroll through the city’s most interesting areas and learn about all of its most important sites.

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