5 Private One-to-One Classes

Give your Spanish learning an extra boost with personalized one-to-one classes. Choose the topics and skills you want to focus on.
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Our private one-to-one classes are the best way to get all the individualized attention you need with our experienced, knowledgeable teachers. Become more fluent through one-to-one conversation practice and solve your grammar questions once and for all. Private classes allow you to dedicate all your classtime to developing the skills and knowledge you're interested in.

Private classes are ideal for students who want to go at their own pace, whether they need extra help or an extra challenge. The classes are great on their own or as an add-on to one of our other Spanish courses.
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Your private Spanish teacher will structure your classes based on your needs. Looking to acquire specialized vocabulary? No problem. Want to finally feel comfortable speaking in Spanish? One-on-one conversation practice with your teacher's guidance will help you develop fluency and polish your accent. Whatever you want to focus on, your teacher will adapt to your needs.

With five weekly classes, you'll be fully dedicating part of each day to your Spanish progress. If you're feeling chatty one day, make it a conversation class. If you've got questions about Spanish grammar or culture, ask all the questions you want. Private classes allow you to learn quickly and efficiently.
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basic user

Uses basic key vocabulary and simple grammar structures to interact with native speakers about familiar topics.

  • A1, A2
    beginner, elementary

independent user

Communicates accurately and is able to develop a fluid conversation with native speakers on most topics.

  • B1, B2
    intermediate, upper intermediate


Expresses himself or herself naturally and spontaneously in complex personal, professional or academic situations.

  • C1, C2
    advanced, PROFICIENT
  • Listening Skills

    Listening comprehension is one of the hardest skills to develop in language learning. This program is oriented to help you acquire techniques and strategies to increase your listening comprehension. 

  • Reading Skills

    We show you to adjust your reading behavior to deal with a variety of situations, types of input, and reading purposes. You will develop a set of reading strategies for each situation.

  • Speaking Skills

    We work to help you develop level-appropriate speaking skills so you can communicate verbally with fellow students, your professors and locals. 

  • Writing Skills

    Writing is a great way to practice thinking and communicating in Spanish. With a little time and effort and the correct mechanisms taught by your teachers, you’ll be able to write fluently in no time.

  • Vocabulary Skills

    In class you will always be challenged to widen your vocabulary and learn to express yourself with more precision, searching for new words that capture a particular feeling or situation perfectly.

  • Grammar Skills

    You will learn how to construct sentences and paragraphs in a clear and precise way. Learning grammar will help you structure Spanish correctly.


Student - Salamanca


I never thought I’d meet so many people from so many different countries. The classes at don Quijote are very international, plus there’s a great student atmosphere in Salamanca thanks to the famous university. I picked up a lot of Spanish words and phrases just by talking with locals. My roommates and I also put sticky notes all around the apartment to help us remember our new vocabulary. The city itself was great, you can see the most incredible architecture just walking to the supermarket. I can’t believe how much I learned, both in class and in the real world. I would definitely recommend studying at don Quijote in Salamanca.

Student – Seville


Being in Seville really makes you feel alive. It’s bursting with vibrant colors and animated conversations, there’s just something in the air. Being immersed in such a rich culture makes every day a truly unique experience. The teachers at don Quijote helped me soak up all the Spanish I could during class, then I would go out and put everything I’d learned into practice over tapas, sitting on a terrace with my new friends. I love the Andalusian accent!

Student - Madrid


My teacher was excellent in all ways. She was able to assess my level of Spanish quickly and create opportunities for me to continually improve, while always keeping me challenged. She spoke clearly, encouraged me to correct errors I made, and helped me understand new vocabulary without changing into English. We spent several days in the classroom, and then she suggested exploring Madrid together… the cafes, museums, vistas, etc., which made my learning even more meaningful. My communication continued to improve, as did my appreciation of the beautiful Spanish culture.

Student - Valencia


What better place to learn Spanish than right on the Mediterranean coast? There’s nothing like having an authentic paella on the beach! Valencia was everything I imagined and more. Studying at don Quijote took me out of my comfort zone and gave me the courage to speak Spanish and interact on another level. When you study in Spain, you learn more than just the language: you interact with the locals and they show you their traditions and way of life.


Prices for the 5 Private One-to-One Classes

From 1 week 185€ per week

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