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The city of Granada

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More information about Granada

Granada is the capital of the southern Spanish province of the same name, situated in the eastern part of the region of Andalusia. Geographical and scenic diversity characterizes this land. There is the coastal area with its warm climate; the extensive, fertile Genil plain; and the mountainous regions with a colder climate, where one finds the 3.481 meter Mulhacén, the highest peak of the peninsula of Spain. The city of Granada is located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, where the Darro and Genil rivers meet. Its unique history has bestowed it with an artistic grandeur as the last Moorish capital on the Iberian Peninsula, embracing its Moorish palaces and Christian Renaissance treasures which hold great symbolic value.

The city of Granada has been shaped by the hills brimming with steep, narrow streets, beautiful nooks and crannies, and marvelous landscapes - hills where the old districts in of the Albaicín and the Alhambra Palace were founded. The new part of the city is situated on the plain, crisscrossed by the large streets of Gran Vía de Colón and Calle de los Reyes Católicos, and where the busy streets around the Cathedral are found.

The Moors crossed the strait of Gibraltar in 711 and settled in what was then a small Visigoth town perched atop the Alhambra hill. They settled, erected walls and laid the foundation for the prosperous civilization that would follow. It was in the 9th century when Granada rose to importance after the fall of the Caliphate of Córdoba. Its splendor was reached in 1238, when Mohammed ben Nasar founded the Nasrid dynasty, and the kingdom of Granada stretched from Gibraltar to Murcia. This dynasty bore twentykings and for three centuries, a magnificent and rich Islamic culture flourished, leaving Granada with architectural marvels of the caliber of the Alhambra which all came to an end when King Boabdil was forced to surrender Granada in 1492 to the Catholic monarchs, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. Today, Granada has been declared a World Heritage Site, along with the Generalife and the Albaicín.

Fiestas and celebrations in Granada

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