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The Letter A

The Letter A in Spanish

A. Open mid vowel

Origen of the letter:
From the Greek alpha, which came from the Phoenician alph

Example of usage:

The A in Spanish

The letter “A” is, like in most Indo-European alphabets, the first letter and the first vowel in the Spanish alphabet. Its form originates from an Egyptian hieroglyph that represented the god Apis. His first name was Ahom.

The Phoenicians called this letter alph (“ox”), given its resemblance to the head and horns of this animal. The Hebrews called it aleph. In the ancient Greek alphabet it became the letter alpha which later developed to the letter “A” in the Roman alphabet of which many alphabets stem from today.

Today the Spanish “A” represents the sound that occurs when you open your mouth, separate your lips and slightly curve your tongue while you let your vocal chords vibrate. The sound of “A” as in “mama”, “cuál” and “par” is slightly different in the countries where Spanish is spoken.