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Chile is a truly impressive and unique country: in addition to its distinctive shape — a thin strip of land measuring over 2,800 miles in length, yet only 125 miles wide — it also boasts spectacular scenery and breath-taking vistas. The landscapes range from Patagonia's vast mountains and glaciers to the barren sands of the Atacama Desert. As the country is flanked by the Andes on one side and the Pacific Ocean the other, there's even the possibility to ski and surf all in one day!
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most populated country
UNESCO World Heritage Sites
miles of coastline (6,400+ km)
Official currency
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Sprawling outwards and sky-scraping upwards, Chile's capital is ever expanding, and is filled with great restaurants, plazas, churches, museums and parks. If you want a modern and vibrant city… This is your destination!

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The country is one of the most prosperous of the South American continent, giving its bigger cities a notably metropolitan-European feel. Santiago has an undeniable modernity which, when contrasted with its historic colonial past, creates a fascinating, hybrid atmosphere. Sprawling outwards and upwards with modern skyscrapers, Chile's capital is ever expanding and filled with great restaurants, plazas, churches, museums, and parks. Valparaiso is Chile's principal port and second-largest city. It is Chile's most unique city and one of South America's most intriguing, famed for its natural history and maritime museums, and lively market areas.

Viña del Mar is another coastal town, as well as one of South America's premier beach resorts. Located close to Chile's world-famous wine producing region, Viña del Mar is also a big university town, giving it a vibrant atmosphere all year round. Its quaint horse-drawn carriages, lovely botanical gardens, and white sandy beaches make it a truly idyllic and picturesque destination.

Chile is a country of beautiful landscapes, rich culture and history, and endless adventures. Raft and kayak some of the world's roughest waters, hike ancient trails, climb volcanoes, or just relax in the hot springs and savor fine Chilean wines. Discover everything Chile has to offer and have a remarkable Spanish immersion experience.


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