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Cuba is known for its warm culture, lively music, spectacular art, weathered yet colorful architecture, picturesque beaches, classic cars, intense cigars, delicious cuisine, oak-aged rum, diverse landscapes, and vibrant cities.
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most populated country
UNESCO World Heritage Sites
miles of coastline (3,700+ km)
Official currency
7 PM
Dinner time
million inhabitants

Where would you like to learn Spanish?


This enchanting and vivacious capital city is a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities. Thanks to its lively atmosphere and unbridled high spirits, Havana unsurprisingly remains a firm favorite among visitors to the island.

Learn Spanish in HAVANA


With its multicolored colonial architecture and love for salsa dancing, Trinidad is a vibrant town which appeals to all ages. It is the birthplace of the son and the perfect place for salsa enthusiasts. All the Cuban rhythms are in Trinidad. 

Learn Spanish in TRINIDAD


Renowned for its welcoming, cheerful air and Caribbean personality, Santiago de Cuba is a wonderful place to learn Spanish in a warm, nurturing, picturesque and very safe environment.

Learn Spanish in SANTIAGO DE CUBA

Discover Cuba with don Quijote

In Cuba music is everywhere, from the gritty rhythms of street musicians to the spectacular sounds of jazz and salsa flowing from the local bars and clubs. Cuba is home to nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites and people travel to this country specifically to see some of these sites, including Old Havana. Visit this historical city and be transported back in time before large, extravagant hotels and tourist-pleasing amenities took over. Take a tour in a classic car from the 1950s. Cubans take pride in preserving these vintage motorized pieces of history and art. Buy a world-famous cigar as a unique gift and sip on a cold, fruity drink made with Cuban rum at one of the beautiful rooftop bars. Sit back and relax on one of Cuba’s 300 incredible white sandy beaches with clear blue water. See this old-fashioned charm firsthand, all while enjoying the benefits of immersing yourself in the culture and enriching your life by learning Spanish.


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