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Filled with parched deserts, lush rainforests and soaring Andean peaks, it cannot be denied that Peru is visually stunning. However, its beauty extends much further beyond its scenery; Peru is known for its beautiful colonial architecture and, perhaps more importantly, the astounding ancient ruins of the Inca Empire that once ruled over this land. 
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most populated country
UNESCO World Heritage Sites
miles of coastline (2,400 km)
Official currency
7 PM
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million inhabitants

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Cusco is famed for being the archaelogical capital of the Americas, as well as one of its highest cities. With countless ancient ruins, both Inca and pre-Colombian, you'll be immersed in history around every corner. Meet local cuzqueños in the city's beautiful central square, Plaza de las Armas; admire breathtaking ruins such as Machu Picchu and  Sacsayhuamán; get lost in any of Cusco's many museums such as Museo Inka and Museo de Arte Precolombino. Learn Spanish in Cusco and take your Spanish to new heights. 

Learn Spanish in Cusco

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Peru is the proud home of one of the most famous sites in the whole of Latin America: Machu Picchu rightly considered one of the Wonders of the World. Resting atop a high ridge in the Andean cloud forests, this lost Inca city is one of the most atmospheric and evocative places on Earth. To visit it is both an essential and truly unforgettable experience. From Machu Picchu, you can walk the Inca Trail, the perfect way to enjoy all the beauty of the Andes. Along with its path, you will pass by the homes of Peru's highland indigenous people, who still speak the ancient tongue of Quechua and maintain their traditional heritage and customs to this day.
Even though people have lived on its lands for over 5,000 years, Peru is constantly being reinvigorated. The bustling cities of Cusco and Lima are vibrant and colorful cultural centers where you can admire ornate Catholic churches, visit museums replete with time-worn relics, enjoy delicious Peruvian cuisine and stay out late into the night chatting with friendly locals. Peru is the pillar of much of Latin America’s ancient heritage, culture and history, and the quintessential destination to learn and truly live Spanish.


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