Learn Spanish in Latin America

We have schools in 12 Latin American countries in over 30 important cities. Choose a country you have always dreamed of visiting and you will find us waiting to help you reach your goals and finally gain fluency in Spanish. Not only will you learn Spanish grammar and vocabulary, but you will also learn the nuances of the language and discover a new culture. Don’t settle when it comes to choosing a Spanish school, choose don Quijote.

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Latin America’s second most populous country, Mexico is a diverse landmass boasting desert, rainforests, mountains, Aztec ruins and ancient Maya temples as well as pristine beaches on the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and the Caribbean Sea.

Learn Spanish in Mexico

Costa Rica

Known for its pristine beaches and exotic rainforests, Costa Rica offers so much more than aesthetics. It has great biodiversity, a rich cultural heritage and fascinating culture and is Central America’s most prosperous and ecologically conscious country.

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica


Ecuador is privileged to include several important landmarks, from the Andes to massive volcanoes, from the Amazon to the Galapagos. Discover a fascinating history that dates back over 8,000 years and includes the Incan Empire, artists and revolutionaries. 

Learn Spanish in Ecuador


Famous for tango dance and music, mouth-watering cuisine (the best grass-fed beef) and coveted vineyards, Argentina offers a lot to discover. Immerse yourself in the language, soak up the culture and learn Spanish with a charming Argentinian accent.

Learn Spanish in Argentina


Bolivia offers so much to discover. We guarantee you will be intrigued by its connection to the origins of the Inca civilization, captivated by its stunning nature including salt flats, Andes mountains and highlands, and fall in love its Colonial towns. 

Learn Spanish in Bolivia


Colombia’s charming cities, warm people and varied landscapes are sure to inspire you. Colombians are known for speaking with one of the clearest accents, making it ideal for students. Immerse yourself in the traditional culture and fascinating history!

Learn Spanish in Colombia


There is so much to love about this warm Caribbean nation. Discover a world full of white sandy beaches, tobacco fields and sugar mills, Spanish Colonial architecture, a fascinating history, irresistible music and friendly people with an infectious love for life.

Learn Spanish in Cuba

Dominican Republic

Discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492, the Dominican Republic has a long, intriguing history, an equally captivating culture full of traditions, friendly inhabitants and nearly 1,000 miles of stunning shoreline! The perfect perfect place to learn Spanish!

Learn Spanish in Dominican Republic


A colorful country full of traditions and a long history, Guatemala is considered the cultural center of the Maya world, a culture that is still alive and thriving. Visit traditional festivals and local markets, volcanoes, ancient citadels, cloud forests, highland lakes and Colonial towns. 

Learn Spanish in Guatemala


Peru is home to Pre-Columbian art, ancient citadels, Spanish colonial architecture and an intriguing history. However, Peru is not stuck in the past; it has one of the world’s fastest growing economies and a thriving capital city.  Peru will not disappoint.

Learn Spanish in Peru


Chile is every jetsetter’s dream; it features glaciers, the earth’s driest desert, snowcapped Andes and a fascinating highland lake. Be inspired by Chilean culture and history and learn Spanish in one of the world’s most important Spanish speaking destinations.

Learn Spanish in Chile


Uruguay has so much to offer the eager Spanish student. From the lively capital Montevideo, stunning beaches, wildlife watching… This sophisticated, stable, progressive and safe country, with so much to see and do, is an excellent destination to immerse yourself in Spanish.

Learn Spanish in Uruguay

Discover Latin America

Latin America is an integral part of the world economy and an increasingly important player in global business. If you want to be academically and professionally competitive in any industries such as non-profits, trade, banking, education, international politics, etc., being fluent in Spanish is a massive advantage that will boost any resume. don Quijote carefully selected the most strategic neighborhoods in important cities throughout Latin America to establish Spanish language schools for our ambitious students. Outside of class you will find a world full of hidden secrets waiting to be discovered and the perfect setting to learn Spanish. Imagine practicing your Spanish while meeting locals, visiting ancient Maya or Inca ruins and learning about colorful local cultures. Learn Spanish with don Quijote and discover a new world full of possibilities!

Spanish courses in Latin America

If you prefer to discover the wonders of Latin America while learning Spanish, you can choose don Quijote and our schools in Mexico, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica or Chile. The Spanish courses in Latin America offered by our schools are designed to immerse you in the language.

Experience a unique way of learning with the Spanish courses in Latin America that we offer at don Quijote, while you discover all the wonders of the Inca or Aztec culture. You will be able to learn the language in a unique place where several dialects of the colonial cities coexist, as in Mexico, for example. Study the language with the Spanish courses in Latin America that we offer at don Quijote and live a unique experience.


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