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The Letter B

The Letter B in Spanish

BE. Bilabial stop consonant

Origen of the letter:
From the Greek beta, which came from the Pheonician beth

Example of usage:

The B in Spanish

B” is the second letter and the first consonant of the Spanish alphabet. There is an equivalent symbol which is used in the Greek, Hebrew and Arabic alphabet. Its name is “be”. Nowadays we use the Greek name of “B”, “beta” (from the Phoenician “beth”) to form the word alphabet. The Phoenicians used this letter, which originates from an Egyptian hieroglyph used to represent a crane, and called it beth, “house”.

The letter “B” in “cabeza”, “bruma” or “Bogotá” represents the sound produced when you put your lips together to create an implosion, closing the soft palate and vibrating the vocal chords. In Spanish there are not many variations in the pronunciation of this consonant. When the letter comes at the end of a word, such as in “club”, it is pronounced very quickly. In some parts of Spain and in Latin America such as in Mexico, the sound of the letter “B” and the letter “V” are distinguished, but normally there is no difference.