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The Letter F

The Letter F in Spanish

EFE.Unvoiced labiodental fricative

Origen of the letter:
From the Latin F which originated from the Greek digamma

Example of usage:

The F in Spanish

The letter F is the sixth letter and fourth consonant of the current Spanish, ancient Greek and Latin alphabets. Its name is pronounced “EFE”. In Greek the letter was the digamma, because of its two interposed capital gammas and made the G sound. Later, the pronunciation would evolve into a W sound, much like that of the English W as pronounced in the word "Washington". Finally, in Latin, the letter V was assigned to this W sound and the letter F went on to represent the same sound it does in Spanish, as heard for example, in the word “fin”.

The sound of the letter F is produced by touching the upper teeth to the lower lip and forming a narrow passage to allow air to pass as it skims over the lower soft palate without vibrating the vocal cords.