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The Letter H

The Letter H in Spanish

HACHE. Unvoiced. When combined with the C, this represents an unvoiced, palatal, affricate consonant. It is aspirated in some dialects.

Origen of the letter:
From the Semitic cheth, which represented in Greeca and Rome an aspirated sound. In Latin, the sound disappeared over time.

Example of usage:

The H in Spanish

The letter H is the eighth letter in the Spanish alphabet and in other Latin-based alphabets. It is called hache in Spanish. The letter comes from the Semitic H, cheth, which represented in both the Greek and Latin alphabets an aspirated sound similar the one that exists in Arabic and in English. In spoken Latin, it gradually disappeared. It remained in use to represent some sounds from Greek. It was also used in combination with certain letters to reproduce aspirated sounds pronounced in words that originated in other languages. As a result, the letter H today remains unvoiced in Romance languages. In Spanish, the H is generally unvoiced, however it is aspirated in some dialect