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The Letter M

The Letter M in Spanish

EME. Nasal bilabial sonorous consonant sound

Origen of the letter:
From the Latin 'M' and the Greek mu.

Example of usage:

The M in Spanish

M” is the thirteenth letter of the Spanish alphabet. Its name is EME. It comes from the Latin that was taken from the Greek letter mu, which in turn stemmed from an Egyptian hieroglyph depicting an owl.

When the letter “M” sound is uttered, the exit of air from the mouth is prevented using the lips. The “M” sound receives a nasal resonance due to the airflow emitted by the nose.

This sound is the M in “mama” or “cambio”. When placed before the sounds “p” and “b” as in “campo” or “hombre” it sound more like an “n”. It sounds similar to an “n” when it’s the last letter of a word too as in “album” and “ultimatum”. The letter is not pronounced when it appears in the letter combination “mn” and comes at the beginning of a word as in “mnemotécnico”.