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The Letter O

The Letter O in Spanish

O. Mid back vowel

Origen of the letter:
From the Latin 'O', which includes the Greek Omicron and Omega

Example of usage:

The O in Spanish

O, the sixteenth letter in the Spanish alphabet and the fourth vowel of this and many other alphabets of European languages. It was first a Phoenician symbol representing a guttural (throaty) intake of breath.

The Greeks adopted this sign to represent the Omicron (short “O”) and added a different symbol to represent the long “O” (the omega = Ω).

In the Latin alphabet, a single letter was incorporated for both sounds. The Spanish letter “O” often originates from the Latin “U”, “O” and the diphtong “AU”. The Spanish words: “hoja”, “lobo” and “pobre” come from the Latin words: “folia”, “lupum” and “pauperem”. The Spanish “O” has no noticeable differences in pronunciation. The “O” sound can only be represented by this letter. In other European romance languages, the sound “o” can be represented by the letter combination “AU”.