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The Letter U

The Letter U in Spanish

U. Closed vowel

Origen of the letter:
From the Greek epsilon, it reflects the vowel sound of the Latin V

Example of usage:

The U in Spanish

U” is the twenty-second letter of the Spanish alphabet and the last of its vocals. Its name is “U” and it evolved from the Semitic vau. The letter vau itself originates from an Egyptian hieroglyph. The symbol the Phoenicians used was somewhere in between today’s “F” and “Y”.

The Greeks produced two characters from this symbol: the digamma, which looked like today’s “F” and the upsilon (υ), which had the value of the letter U and was pronounced in classical Greek like the modern French “U”, so much so that the vowel sound in Spanish was represented with the diphthong OU as it is in modern French. The form “V” spread to Rome, where the sound “U” was used like the “U” in today’s Spanish.