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The Letter W

The Letter W in Spanish

UVE DOBLE. In Spanish, the letter is only used for words borrowed from other languages. It is pronounced like a V in words taken from German, and in words taken from English it is pronounced as a semi-consonant U sound.

Origen of the letter:
The graphical joining of two Vs

Example of usage:

The W in Spanish

W” is the twenty-fourth letter of the Spanish alphabet. In Spanish the letter is called “uve doble” or also “doble u”. This letter can rather be seen as a combination of other letters than as a letter in itself. In Spanish, the letter w is only used for words from other languages. If the loanword originates from Gothic or from German, it is pronounced like a “V”, as in words like “Wamba”, “Wagner”, “Westfalia”.

If the origin of the word is modern English, the letter is pronounced with a semi-consonant U sound, like in “Washington”.