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Learn Spanish in Salamanca

Spanish courses in Salamanca | Learn Spanish in Salamanca

Spanish School in Salamanca

The don Quijote school in Salamanca is located in the heart of the old city center. The building is 100 meters from the famous University of Salamanca and just a short walk away from the magnificent Plaza Mayor. The school is a restored 16th-century monastery, whose modern materials used for the recent renovation create a natural balance with the richness, style and class of previous centuries. Studying Spanish in Salamanca in this antique building will make your stay worthwhile!

You enter the Salamanca Spanish School through a beautiful courtyard. This courtyard and the garden divide the language school into three parts: the offices, the cafeteria and the classrooms. The main building has three floors, 17 classrooms, a recreation room (with computers, video, sound system, etc.), a library, a staff/lounge and three offices, where you can learn Spanish.

don Quijote Salamanca was picked more than 20 years ago to be home to the first don Quijote school. From the beginning, the idea had been clear: to create the largest Spanish as a Foreign Language teaching organization under the slogan "!Vive el español!"; (Live Spanish!) These twenty years of hard work and dedication have led to twenty years of success... and the Salamanca School remains as inviting as it was on its first day. Learn Spanish in Salamanca with us!

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Calle Placentinos 2, 37008, Salamanca, Spain
Tel. 34 923277200

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