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Learn Spanish Salamanca

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Spanish School in Salamanca
Learn Spanish in Salamanca


Discover Salamanca

Salamanca is a city steeped in history. Its sandstone architecture, glowing Plaza Mayor, ancient university, cobblestone streets and stunning cathedrals – all surrounded by Castile and León landscapes – will bring you into the Spain of castles and kings. It is known for being stunningly beautiful and for inspiring great minds; for its 12th century university with platereque façade, an ancient library and green courtyards; for its vibrant student population all eager to learn and soak in everything this deeply Spanish city has to offer. Salamanca is a small city, where you’ll get to know the barman at your favorite neighborhood café; where you’ll have the opportunity to take a closer look at the places that inspire you; where you’ll be able to walk everywhere and practice your Spanish with friendly locals you meet at the frutería down the street. It is a place where Spanish immersion – immersion into Spanish history, culture, tradition – can truly take place.

Our school

Where better to learn Spanish than a place filled with history and buzzing with lively, youthful energy at the same time? Salamanca inspired us to begin teaching Spanish as a foreign language over 30 years ago; our prestigious school is now located close to the University of Salamanca, in the heart of the city's student center. And it is the perfect place to start a journey into the Spanish language and culture. Our school is housed in a beautiful, historic building that will immerse you in history while you learn. You will be inspired by our passionate, knowledgeable and experienced teachers and you’ll make friends from around the world. If you want to truly live Spanish rather than simply study Spanish, come to our school in Salamanca, where it all began.

What we love about Salamanca

We love that studying Spanish in Salamanca means learning the language at the heart of it all. It is a place where you will discover the Spain of old and journey into a place where history, tradition and learning are second to none. We love that the juxtaposition of the young, university vibe with ancient buildings and deep Spanish traditions creates an environment that inspires learning and discovery; that walking down any street or wandering through any plaza means getting a glimpse into Spanish history and a lesson in Spanish culture that couldn’t be found in any book or learned in any classroom. Salamanca is truly a special city for learning Spanish.


  • Address: Calle Placentinos 2, 37008, Salamanca
  • Tel.: +34 923 277 200

Salamanca is a great city made extraordinary by its students. And our school is made just for them! Our school in Salamanca is found in the heart of the city; not only will you be mere steps from Salamanca's most important sites, you'll also be within walking distance from some of the favorite spots of local university students. This ideal location in Salamanca will allow you to get the most out of your academic experience, while having unlimited possibilities for cultural immersion and new discoveries.

  • A short walk to the city’s main attractions, like the Cathedral, Plaza Mayor and the University of Salamanca.
  • Located in the city’s university district, an area filled with both youthful vibrancy and historical tradition.
  • Surrounded by cafés, shops and plenty of activities to keep you entertained.
  • Found in a quiet, charming environment.
Student testimonials

What our students are saying about us

Check out this students opinion Maquil Landeros

"I spent two wonderful weeks at don Quijote Salamanca. The classes where small and fun. My teachers were great and you could tell they genuinely enjoyed teaching. Salamanca is a great city to practice your Spanish, I don´t think I have ever spoke so much Spanish in my life. I have also made friends from all over the world. I will never forget this experience!!"

Check out this students opinion Caroline Laroche

"A succession of long days full of learning and amazement, and warm nights spent with new cosmopolitan friends. Simply a great opportunity to learn by osmosis about the Spanish language and its culture."

Check out this students opinion Camille Lacroix

"I arrived very enthusiastic about the idea of learning a language I always wanted to discover in a city like Salamanca: culture, history and beauty are the elements I found in this town. I chose Salamanca for its history of student town, and its elegant cathedral. I haven’t been disappointed: the classes were good and some teachers very competent. My overall experience was good though because the students sharing my class were great and talkative. don Quijote has many assets which make of it a very good school: very friendly and available teachers, good locations, serious classes and the books are given, this is great!"

Check out this students opinion Michael Feelders

"In Salamanca and Barcelona I had a great time. Not only I learned the Spanish language/culture but I made some friends for life too. It was really a fantastic period!!!"

Accommodation in Salamanca


24/7 learning while living like a local.

Student Residences

Embrace student life to the fullest in the best university town.

Shared Apartments

Live and learn with students from around the world.

What you’ll find at don Quijote Salamanca:

  • A central location in the old city center, where you’ll lose yourself in the historical memory of its winding cobblestone streets…
  • A vibrant, youthful ambience in the heart of the city’s university district, in one of the world’s most prestigious university cities.
  • A school housed in a 16th century monastery filled with old-world charm, but renovated to meet the needs of modern-day students.
  • Fully equipped classrooms, study areas, common areas and lounges to guarantee a comfortable and enjoyable learning experience.
  • A lovely, rustic courtyard with a garden for relaxing between classes.
  • Wi-Fi access to make sharing your experiences with friends and family effortless.

Activities and Excursions

There are plenty of things to do in Salamanca, but don Quijote offers exciting workshops, activities and trips as a great way to get your feet wet. Participate in our activities to learn about Spain in a new, interesting way.

  • iconCookingLearn your favorite Spanish recipes, taste Spanish in a new way and discover all of the flavors of this vibrant culture.
  • iconCity Tour Stroll through the city’s most interesting areas and learn about all of its most important sites.
  • iconToledoDiscover three incredible cultures combined to form this incredible ancient city.
  • iconCulture Classes Learn Spanish through the culture that surrounds and shapes it.
  • iconMovie Be pulled into Spanish with some of the culture’s best films – learn new expressions, and about history and culture through cinematic stories.
  • iconDance Feel the rhythm of the language and culture, get lost in the music and dance your way into Spanish.

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