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Learn Spanish with personalized classes adapted to your interests and needs. Class size is limited to 1-3 students, maximizing individualized attention to enhance your learning.

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Personalized Spanish classes

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This course is for students of all levels who want to participate in class as much as possible to speed up their progress. They want to have a say in what topics are covered in class so they can focus on their passions and professional interests, learning vocabulary and language skills that will be useful to them outside the classroom.

With this course you will have 20 weekly Spanish classes, 5 cultural and conversation workshops, and daily coffee breaks with your teacher: everything you need to learn the language, gain insight into the culture, and feel comfortable conversing in Spanish.

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The combination of different learning environments in this course ensure your success. Every day you'll dedicate time to absorbing new information, asking questions, and interacting in a variety of social situations until conversing in Spanish starts to feel natural. 

Your professor will advise you from beginning to end, analyzing your goals and creating a personalized program. Whether you are looking to better your presentation skills, gain a specialized lexicon, or improve your conversation skills in different settings, this program provides you with the time and content flexibility to do so. 

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basic user

Uses basic key vocabulary and simple grammar structures to interact with native speakers about familiar topics.

  • A1, A2
    beginner, elementary

independent user

Communicates accurately and is able to develop a fluid conversation with native speakers on most topics.

  • B1, B2
    intermediate, upper intermediate


Expresses himself or herself naturally and spontaneously in complex personal, professional or academic situations.

  • C1, C2
    advanced, PROFICIENT
  • Listening Skills

    Acquire techniques and strategies to understand oral messages and increase listening comprehension.

  • Reading Skills

    Improve your reading comprehension so that you can interact more fully with local culture, reading the works of local authors or the daily newspaper.

  • Speaking Skills

    No matter what your ability, we work to help you develop the level-appropriate speaking skills.

  • Writing Skills

    Learn the correct mechanisms for communicating effectively in your writing.

  • Vocabulary Skills

    Widen your vocabulary and learn to express yourself with greater detail and precision.

  • Grammar Skills

    You will learn how to construct sentences and paragraphs in a clear, precise way. Learning grammar will help you structure Spanish correctly.




My favorite part of this learning experience was having my morning coffee by the Mediterranean Sea. I´m passionate about architecture so I enjoyed strolling around Barcelona and discovering the different ways the city was built. The food and the wine were incredible. The courses are well organized and the teachers helped me any time I had questions or concerns. 



I spent most of my days after class on the beach reading my material and preparing for the next class. Malaga has the perfect combination of sun, beaches and amazing food. I had one of the best learning experiences with don Quijote and their teachers. I highly recommend this location to learn or improve your Spanish skills.



Study abroad at don Quijote has changed me as a person. I came back with a new perspective on life and with a new language under my belt. Madrid is the capital of Spain and has stunning historical buildings and a beautiful royal palace. This is a great starting point from which to explore the rest of Spain.




I wouldn´t trade this experience for anything in the world. Granada stole my heart with its breathtaking architecture and infectious culture. I learned more Spanish in 12 weeks at don Quijote than I had in the past 4 years. The teachers used special materials and techniques that ensured my academic success. Thanks to don Quijote and my new friends for making this experience possible.

Prices for the Premium 25 course

From 1 week 560€ per week

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