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International Summer Camps in Spain

Through our Enforex Camps division, we provide a truly unique summer experience for children aged 5 to 17. 8 top camp locations in Spain are the ideal setting for 60% Spanish students to meet 40% international students to live a true transformational and cross-cultural experience. International students study and practice Spanish with an innovative teaching methodology based on projects. Outside of class campers get to practice their new language skills with their Spanish friends. In addition, there are plenty of sports and cultural activities to choose from to discover new passions or continue with hobbies. Our camps combine great locations with an effective learning methodology, international friends, diverse activities to choose from and a great Spanish cultural immersion.
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International Summer Camps in 8 top destinations in Spain


  • Choose from 8 different and unique camp locations.
  • Choose amongst three different camp experiences: residential camp, day camp or our homestay program.
  • Language classes: choose to learn either Spanish or English and add additional conversation classes to your already 20 lessons per week program.
  • Choose amongst a variety of activities. From our youtubers program, to robotics, creativity, public speaking, entrepreneurship, modern dance, yoga to theatre, there is always a new skill to learn or improve.
  • Choose amongst a variety of sports. Soccer, tennis, paddle tennis, golf, horseback riding, swimming, and sailing.


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Our active language camps are designed to provide for a true Spanish and international immersion in 8 unique locations. This is what our campers can expect from their Enforex Summer Camps Experience:

  • Embark on a new adventure
  • Learn Spanish in a fast and fun way with our innovative teaching methodology.
  • Immersion into a new culture, learn about Spain by sharing the summer camp experience with 60% Spanish campers.
  • Make new friends from around the globe. Over 80 nationalities attend our camps every year.
  • Stay active during the summer while enjoying a wide variety of sports and activities to make language immersion fun.
  • Take part in our fun science and magic workshops.
  • Visit new places. Every summer we organize over 50 different excursions.
  • A safe and healthy camp. 24/7 supervision. Healthy Mediterranean food.
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Optional Activities
  • Robotic
  • Youtuber
  • Creativity
  • Public Speaking
  • Yoga
  • Theatre
Optional Sports
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Swimming
  • Equitation
  • Saling
  • Barcelona - 5 to 17 years old - july and august

    Our camp in Barcelona is located just outside the city center in a lively university district surrounded by parks and a residential neighborhood. Barcelona is one of our most popular camp destinations and many campers return year after year for an unforgettable summer experience.

  • Malaga - 5 to 17 years old - july and august

    Malaga campers enjoy the facilities at Colegio Unamuno located in a beautiful neighborhood just a short walk from the beach. The international vibe of the camp and the city during the summer months is inspiring and makes practicing Spanish easy. The camp includes classrooms and sports facilities, a big refreshing pool, an obstacle course and sports fields for soccer, basketball, tennis, and paddle tennis.

  • Marbella centro - 15 to 17 years old - july and august

    The first of our three summer camps in Marbella is a great option for older teens. This camp was specifically designed to give students aged 15 to 17 more independence and easy access to explore the city. Our great facilities include a pool and many multi-use sports fields. The camp is just a 20-minute walk from the beach and a 5-minute walk from the city´s lovely old quarter. It is an ideal place to study Spanish and live a sunny summer camp experience. Sports that can be practiced in this camp are tennis, horseback riding, soccer, golf, and paddle tennis. In addition, we offer additional activities such as creativity, modern dance, theater and yoga.

  • Marbella las chapas - 13 to 17 years old - july and august

    Marbella Las Chapas shares facilities with one of Marbella´s most prestigious schools on a finca where campers have a wider variety of sports fields and courts, playgrounds and sunny, bright classrooms at their disposal. It´s located just eight miles from the city of Marbella, less than a 15-minute walk to the beach surrounded by rolling green hills. Sports that can be practiced in this camp are soccer, tennis, basketball, handball, swimming, horseback riding, golf, and paddle tennis. In addition, we offer additional activities such as robotics, theater, modern dance, creativity and yoga.

  • Marbella elviria - 5 to 13 years old - july and august

    Golf, summer days on the beach, horseback riding, dancing …. Elviria is an idyllic summer camp designed for our younger campers just outside of the city of Marbella. The neighborhood is one of the nicest residential areas in the region, complete with panoramic views over Marbella. The school campus is large and the facilities are modern and spacious, a perfect place to spent the summer making friends from around the world. The sports offered in this camp are tennis, paddle tennis, horseback riding, soccer, golf and swimming. The activities are robotics, theater, modern dance, creativity and yoga.

  • Madrid - 5 to 17 years old - july and august

    Madrid is Europe’s sunniest capital and the beating heart of Spain, and if those aren´t good enough reasons to choose Madrid, our summer camp´s modern facilities at the prestigious Universidad de Francisco Vitoria should be! Campers love the tennis, paddle tennis and basketball courts, soccer fields, beach volleyball court and swimming pool. The international environment along with our enthusiastic staff create a fun, supportive atmosphere. The extra sports available to our campers are tennis, paddle tennis, horseback riding and soccer. The optional activities offered in this camp are our YouTubers program, robotics, creativity, public speaking, entrepreneurship and leadership, and yoga.

  • Salamanca - 5 to 17 years old - july and august

    What better place is there to learn, enjoy and explore Spanish culture than in a city considered the academic center of Spanish? Our camp in Salamanca is located in the Colegio Universitario Maristas, in the heart of the city, guaranteeing students have the best facilities available to them both for language learning and leisure, and for visiting the city´s beautiful attractions. Whether playing sports, swimming or exploring the city, students are constantly practicing Spanish and making new international and local friends. A UNESCO World Heritage City, Salamanca offers so much to our campers to discover. The extra-curricular sports activities offered in this camp are horseback riding, paddle tennis and tennis. The optional activities are creativity and yoga.

  • Valencia - 5 to 17 years old - july and august

    Our summer camp in Valencia is ideally located in the heart of the city at the Colegio Mayor Galileo Galilei. The neighborhood is located in the university city next to the beach, creating for a perfect atmosphere to explore Spanish culture, make local and international friends and have a great summer experience! Valencia is an idyllic city on the Mediterranean Sea, known for its vibrant and young energy, world-famous paella dish, pristine beaches, and fun water sports. The activities offered in this camp are sailing and soccer.

Jesús Baz


Jesús Baz

I am passionate about teaching at don Quijote because its small class size allows me to build such great relationships with the students that they end up becoming part of my family, or friends, or simply Facebook friends... But the best and most important aspect of the school is that we all learn from each other.


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