Summer Camps

Through our don Quijote Camps division, we provide a truly unique summer experience for children aged 5 to 18. Eight top camp locations in Spain are the ideal setting for 60% Spanish students to meet 40% international students and share a transformational and cross-cultural experience. International students study and practice Spanish with an innovative teaching methodology based on projects.
AGES 5-18

Spanish summer camps for children and teenagers


  • Choose from 8 different camp locations, in the city or near the sea.
  • Choose among three different camp experiences: residential camp, day camp, or our homestay program.
  • Language classes: choose to learn either Spanish or English with our 20 lessons per week program.
  • We offer a variety of workshops. From robotics to creativity, entrepreneurship, modern dance, yoga, or theater, there is always a new skill to learn or improve.
  • Choose among a variety of optional sports: soccer, tennis, paddle tennis, golf, horseback riding, swimming, sailing, and water sports.
  • Outside of class, campers get to practice their new language skills with their Spanish friends.
  • Our camps combine attractive locations with an effective learning methodology, international friends, diverse activities to choose from, and a thorough Spanish cultural immersion.


Our international camps are designed to provide a true Spanish and international immersion in 8 unique locations. This is what your children can expect from their don Quijote Summer Camps experience:

  • Embark on an exciting adventure.
  • Learn Spanish in a fast and fun way with our innovative teaching methodology.
  • An immersion in a new culture, learning about Spain by sharing their summer camp experience with 60% Spanish campers.
  • Make new friends from around the globe. Students representing over 80 nationalities attend our camps every year!
  • Stay active during the summer by enjoying a wide variety of sports and activities to make language immersion fun.
  • Take part in our exciting optional workshops.
  • Visit new places. Every summer we organize over 50 different excursions.
  • A safe and healthy camp. 24/7 supervision. Delicious Mediterranean food.
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Spanish summer camps for children


Children from various countries such as the United States, Germany, France and Italy, among many others, participate in our holiday camps for children. The ages in these children's camps are between 5 and 11 years old. International students will enjoy a complete immersive experience thanks to their Spanish classmates, who make up at least 50% of the student body.


At don Quijote we have camps designed exclusively for the youngest. In them, the little ones will enjoy fresh air and days at the beach in a safe environment specially adapted for them.

Our teachers and monitors have a lot of experience with the smallest campers.

In addition to the classes and experiences with their classmates, they will be able to do various sports according to their tastes thanks to our first-class facilities such as tennis courts, swimming pool, sports center, soccer field, volleyball, basketball court, and handball court.

Spanish summer camps for teenagers


Our teen camps are designed for ages between 13 and 18. The Spanish classes are adapted to the different levels of the students, ranging from a basic level (A1) to a higher level (C2). International students will enjoy a complete immersive experience thanks to their Spanish classmates, who make up at least 60% of the student body.


Thanks to the wide variety of nationalities that make up our international summer camps, we offer a very diverse environment in which students experience authentic language immersion while broadening their horizons. Every year our campers live an unforgettable experience while developing their skills through workshops, activities, projects, excursions... The project-based methodology with which they learn Spanish makes young people take even in charge of their training. From experience, we know that this method is extremely fun, interactive and appropriate for the development of classroom participation.

Students aged 15 and over will be able to enjoy unsupervised outings, with the "Permission to leave the camp" completed and signed by their parents before the start of the program.

Other Spanish courses

“I loved being with my new friends! Every single day we had different things to do like games, excursions, trips, campfires, handicrafts, workshops... I have had a very good time, I have met new friends and I am very happy about all the international friends I made.”

Sanna (Sweden - 14 years old)

“The classes are very fun; I love the activities. I would love the summer to last longer and to play more sports, have more carnivals, and participate in more workshops... it’s great!”

Anna (Brazil - 17 years old)

“Today was a really cool day! I went to the beach, and we did an obstacle course. When we got back to the camp the counselors put on a costume movie: the counselors dressed up like characters from the movie.”

Juliette (France - 6 years old)

“The best part for me was being able to meet people from all over the world in one place. I learned more Spanish in two weeks than in my whole life in school classes back home. My roommate, Jordi, was a really cool guy from Barcelona. They were great weeks. And I loved Salamanca... it is gorgeous.”

William (UK - 10 years old)

Sanna Sweden Anna BR Juliette FR William UK


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