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Why Learn Spanish in Latin America?

Why Learn Spanish in Latin America?

Studying in Latin America will give you access to a wide array of resources that cannot be found in a traditional classroom. Some of the benefits are making lifelong friends, gaining greater awareness of global matters, acquiring skills for personal growth like improved self-confidence, finding out who you are and learning a language by speaking and hearing it on a constant basis.

Living among the native speakers will have you accustomed to the rhythm and pace of spoken Spanish, letting you gain inside knowledge into the vitality and rich cultural tradition of its people and the country. You will discover that by involving yourself in the language everyday, you will learn Spanish the most natural way, just like a baby effortlessly does.

The Latin American continent promises an exciting way of learning Spanish: by letting you get immersed and fully experience the language in one of the many countries whose modern-day culture is evidently influenced by its rich past. Another benefit is that you can expand your Spanish vocabulary when exploring tropical rainforests, discovering each country's exotic natural flora & fauna, visiting volcanoes, and also when taking part in diversified every day social interactions with extremely courteous people.

You can choose among countries with strong European or indigenous traditions, or choose one where the culture is a blend of both. Guatemala, Ecuador, Perú, Bolivia and México have very strong indigenous cultural roots, which make them fascinating and colorful places to visit. On the other hand, the African and Caribbean heritage of Cuba and the Dominican Republic provide for a very animated and outgoing culture. Argentina and Chile are more European, but they still have uniquely local traditions. And Costa Rica has a subtle moderation of all.

What you get is a unique, individual experience no matter where you go!

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