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Montevideo, Uruguay, is the financial and cultural heart of the country. Although sometimes goes unnoticed due to the great prominence of nearby Buenos Aires, it is a large and unique city that has nothing to envy to the capital of Argentina. Bathed by the warm waters of the Rio de la Plata, the city offers a mild climate and great versatility to enjoy leisure and free time activities. In addition, the kindness and friendliness of the locals will make you feel like home! Take this chance to learn Spanish in Montevideo, one of the most important and interesting metropolises in Latin America.

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Our partner school has the best variety of Spanish courses in Montevideo. In addition, our team is made up of expert professionals with extensive experience and training. Our courses are taught in a personalized way, so you decide how many hours to invest in classroom learning. Choose our Intensive 20 if you want to have some free time to enjoy after lessons; or the Super Intensive 30 if you want to make the most of your time studying. You can also add private classes if you need to reinforce specific contents; or take the opportunity to obtain an official certificate through our DELE Exam Preparation Course. But if what you want is to live a complete immersion in the local culture while acquiring fluency, we recommend the blended program, which combines 20 sessions of Spanish with 3 of milonga —a Rioplatense folk dance that preserves the basic elements of Argentine tango allowing greater flexibility and freedom of movement.

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Travel Through Montevideo

The school organizes a wide variety of activities, workshops and excursions for you to engage the Uruguayan culture after your Spanish classes in Montevideo. Sign up for the international exchanges with native Spanish speakers, you will share experiences and traditions while improving fluency. Or take part in the educational activities (film, music, literature, cooking, etc.) to get involved in the most social and humanistic aspects of the Spanish language.

Finally, travel through Montevideo with us thanks to our amazing excursions: walks through the main neighborhoods; visits to museums, wineries and main tourist attractions; tours of the city's historic bars and restaurants, which were a meeting point for renowned artists and writers; nice bike rides to tour the Rambla of Montevideo to enjoy beaches and beautiful views... All this and much more for you to have the best learning experience!

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Parque Rodó
The largest green space in the city has a lake and expansive fields perfect for playing sports, resting in the shade or having a picnic.
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Discover Montevideo

The capital of Uruguay is one of the safest and most advanced cities in Latin America. Come to learn Spanish in Montevideo and discover all this great city has to offer: from its modern skyscrapers to colonial-style architecture, so present in the Old City. Montevideo will surprise you with its contagious rhythm, vibrant markets, traveling fairs and delicious gastronomy. Savor a typical chivito while chatting with the friendly locals, or feel the Uruguayan passion for soccer while socializing with the fans of this fascinating sport. From the elegant streets between colonial buildings and art deco facades, to the charm and bustle of the Mercado del Puerto, Montevideo is a city to enjoy.

AFRICAN CARNIVAL - December to February

Festive parades and marches, thousands of unique costumes and rhythmic music.

LEMANJÁ - February 2

Tribute to nature at the beach. Colors, food, and chanting by candlelight.


The city holds more than 300 fiestas to remember great music hits from the past.


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