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One can never know too much. If you have a restless mind, you’re in the right place to learn about Spanish art, history, traditions and holidays around the world. Immerse yourself in Spanish culture and gain a new perspective.
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One never gets to understand why things are the way they are until he or she digs a little deeper into their roots. If you want to grasp the reality of a place, then you must surround yourself with its people and customs and live the same way locals do. When you achieve that, you’ll realize why learning from other cultures is such an enriching experience. You’ll get a new perspective on the world, and as a consequence, on yourself.

don Quijote is fully compromised with Spanish culture, and by helping you discover what’s out there in the Spanish-speaking world we expect you to acquire a better knowledge of what’s inside of you.

A nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people Mahatma Gandhi