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The Spanish program for groups is perfect to immerse your students in an amazing experience of culture and history, while they learn Spanish at the same time. You will be able to customize the program according to the needs and interests of the students and choose the ideal cultural activities for a fun and educational program.

Spanish trip for groups

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Tourism, culture and fun all in one. Students who want to travel in a group and with an all-inclusive and organized trip. No matter what level they are, your students will improve their skills to be able to interact with the world around them. They can have closed classes for their group or open classes with other international students and stay in residences or host families, completed with a tailor-made program of sightseeing excursions and cultural visits.

Each group program is unique. Therefore, a specialized consultant will help and guide you to create the best study and tourism experience that will inspire and stimulate your students. Feel free to modify, exchange, add or remove any activity - we adapt to your needs!

Fully customized Spanish language group

  • 100% flexible: This program is adapted to each group with Spanish courses for all levels, with the dates and number of Spanish classes that you decide. You will also have the opportunity to choose the activities and excursions during the program.
  • Native teachers: All of don Quijote's teachers are native Spanish speakers and are specialized in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.
  • Choose one or several destinations: You will have the possibility to choose a single destination for your group of students or several cities for an even more complete immersion. In Spain you have destinations such as Alicante, Barcelona, Cadiz, Granada, Madrid, Malaga, Marbella, Salamanca, Seville, Tenerife or Valencia; or choose a Latin American country such as Mexico.
  • Travel to Spain or Latin America: don Quijote has schools in historic and emblematic buildings located in the historic center of all destinations, which are easily accessible on foot or by public transportation. Students will be able to explore the city with ease and immerse themselves in Spanish culture.
  • Cultural activities and excursions: Experiences outside the classroom are essential on a study trip. don Quijote helps you find a program that fits your students' needs. In addition to Spanish classes, students can discover UNESCO World Heritage Sites, admire the rich local architecture, visit some of the world's most important museums and many other excursions and activities.
  • Accommodation options: You can choose between homestay, student residence, shared apartment or private apartment. We adapt to any type of special diet.
  • 24-hour assistance: Each of our schools has an emergency number available 24 hours a day. Also, local staff, offices, guides and teachers will be available to you and your students in each city in case of any problems. In addition, we have a global network of 40 campuses and a central office ready to assist you in nine languages.
  • Free leader: The teacher or leader of each group will receive free accommodation and will be able to participate in the activities at no cost.
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I never thought I’d meet so many people from so many different countries. The classes at don Quijote are very international, plus there’s a great student atmosphere in Salamanca thanks to the famous university. I picked up a lot of Spanish words and phrases just by talking with locals. My roommates and I also put sticky notes all around the apartment to help us remember our new vocabulary. The city itself was great, you can see the most incredible architecture just walking to the supermarket. I can’t believe how much I learned, both in class and in the real world. I would definitely recommend studying at don Quijote in Salamanca.


Being in Seville really makes you feel alive. It is full of colors and lively conversations, it is something that is simply in the air. Immersing yourself in such a rich culture makes every day a unique experience. The teachers at don Quijote have helped me absorb as much Spanish as possible in each class, and then I would go out and put into practice what I had learned over tapas, sitting on a terrace with my new friends. I love the Andalusian accent!


What better place to learn Spanish than right on the Mediterranean coast? There’s nothing like having an authentic paella on the beach! Valencia was everything I imagined and more. Studying at don Quijote took me out of my comfort zone and gave me the courage to speak Spanish and interact on another level. When you study in Spain, you learn more than just the language: you interact with the locals and they show you their traditions and way of life.


I had an amazing experience in Marbella, it was a great combination of learning, glamour, and fun in the sun. I loved being able to go to the beach every day after class, and my roommates and I practiced our Spanish together at home. After my experience with don Quijote, I’m motivated to continue studying the language so I can keep traveling and learning about other cultures.


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