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Marbella Elviria Summer Camp

This international summer camp is geared toward younger students, who will have a fantastic time at the nearby beach and the camp's swimming pool, soccer field, and other sports facilities.
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AGES 5-13
Marbella Elviria Summer Camp

Marbella Elviria Summer Camp

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Our Marbella Elviria camp was created to ensure that children between the ages of 3 and 13 have an unforgettable summer. Located very close to the beach on the Costa del Sol, this camp offers a wide variety of optional sports activities, including paddle tennis, horseback riding, and swimming, and stimulating workshops, including theater and modern dance, inspiring students to discover new hobbies while they practice Spanish after class. Our teachers and staff have received specialized trained on how to create a fun, inclusive learning environment where everyone feels at home. By collaborating on projects in class and forming part of a team during activities in the afternoon, your children will make friends and gain a new perspective as they live alongside other students from around the world.
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From the first getting to know you icebreaker games to the final farewell party, one of the things your children will remember most about camp is how much fun they had speaking with their new international friends in another language. Whether your children prefer competing in sports tournaments or board games, moving their bodies to the rhythm in dance workshops or exercising their minds in creativity workshops, playing on a team for capture the flag or sitting back and watching an outdoor movie, this camp offers an ample variety of activities sure to inspire and motivate them. Of course, like any good summer camp, students will also have time for swimming and playing games both at the pool and in the sea, not to mention building sand castles and having dinner on the beach.
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Colegio Alemán
Urbanización “La Mairena” Altos Elviria
Plaza Juan Hoffmann, s/n
29604 Marbella. MÁLAGA

To get to the school, take the A7 highway in the direction of Algeciras. When the road splits into A7 and AP7 (toll road), take the A7. After about 45 km (13 km before Marbella), take the "Elviria" exit. Once you take the exit, go straight through two roundabouts, toward the mountains. (On the second roundabout you'll see signs for "Colegio Alemán" and "La Mairena.") Continue going up the mountain for 6 km until you reach another roundabout. The school is located straight ahead.
In addition to green spaces, an auditorium, and common areas, the Marbella Elviria camp has sports facilities including a gym and a swimming pool along with tennis, volleyball, handball, and basketball courts. Rooms are shared by 4, 6, or 12 students grouped together by age and gender.

Sanna Sweden

Sweden - 14 years old


“I loved being with my new friends! Every single day we had different things to do like games, excursions, trips, campfires, handicrafts, workshops... I have had a very good time, I have met new friends and I am very happy about all the international friends I made.”
Anna BR

Brazil - 17 years old


“The classes are very fun; I love the activities. I would love the summer to last longer and to play more sports, have more carnivals, and participate in more workshops... it’s great!”
Juliette FR

France - 6 years old


“Today was a really cool day! I went to the beach, and we did an obstacle course. When we got back to the camp the counselors put on a costume movie: the counselors dressed up like characters from the movie.”

UK - 10 years old


“The best part for me was being able to meet people from all over the world in one place. I learned more Spanish in two weeks than in my whole life in school classes back home. My roommate, Jordi, was a really cool guy from Barcelona. They were great weeks. And I loved Salamanca... it is gorgeous.”

Prices and Extras

1 week 719£

2 weeks 1125£

4 weeks 2025£

6 weeks 3040£

8 weeks 4030£

You can personalize your summer camp with optional activities and extra services
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