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We want to say “thank you” to all our students and to show our appreciation, we want to invite you to come and study with us again, and this time, you can bring your friends along too.

If you studied at don Quijote in Spain or Mexico you now can receive a 20% discount off your next Spanish course.

This offer is transferable, so if you’re unable to take another course with us right now, you may transfer your 20% discount to a friend!

Best of all, when you bring a friend along, you both save! Return to don Quijote and bring a friend and you’ll receive your 20% discount and you can give a 10% discount to your friend!

Your teachers are looking forward to seeing you again so sign up now.

- Offer can't be combined with other offers

- Offer available upon request and subject to availability.

NOTE: This offer ends December 31, 2007

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Let's talk! Browse our offer and let us help you create your own budget.


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