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This metropolis of 3.2 million (!) inhabitants is a true paradise for art and architecture lovers! There are endless hotspots to be found here. With all the beautiful squares, extraordinary statues, sights and beautiful architecture, Madrid offers you everything your heart desires!

Madrid is so incredibly big! I remember my first time in Madrid. Where to start? I thought. Therefore, I made a list for you of the places where you can find the most interesting architecture that you should not miss!

The square not to be missed is Plaza Puerta del Sol, the heart of the city. And of course the Plaza Mayor, an ancient square where you can relax, designed by Juan de Villanueva. Furthermore, you can visit the impressive train station; Estación de Atocha where you will find, for example, in the waiting hall a tropical garden and the memorial of the 2004 bombings. Then continue to the Palacio Real (royal palace) and take an immediate walk down Gran Vía, as this street is known as the broadway of Spain!

What else should you see?

  • Arco de la Victoria, the triumphal arch built in honor of the Spanish army, work of architect Arreguien
  • Monasterio de las Descalzas Reales, the dome, courtyard and royal salon are all examples of admirable architecture in this palace
  • Faro de Madrid, this modern tower was designed by Salvador Perez Arroyo in honor of the Barcelona Summer Olympics
  • Parque Retiro, on Sundays visit the most beautiful park in Madrid, where you will find the only statue in the world honoring the devil.
  • Torre Picasso, this is the tallest building in Madrid, designed by the same designer as the Twin Towers in NYC, namely Japan's Minoru Yamasaki.

Puerta de Europa is a good example of how modern Madrid is. Still fairly new (1.5 years old) in this city, it is the largest inner-city park in the world! The huge park full of modern achitecture is built on a highway so that the residents are no longer bothered by the noise. This park is definitely worth a visit when you are in Madrid!

Madrid is the perfect city for a city break! As you may have read, there are many sights to see, but you can also go shopping and find some of the best nightclubs in the country and probably in Europe! But if you want to spend more time in this vibrant city, take a Spanish course! Where better to do this than in the capital of Spain?

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