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don Quijote has established world-class schools in 13 strategic Spanish-speaking countries where you can study the richness and academic importance of Spanish in the real world. Perhaps you are drawn to study in Spain, the birthplace of the Spanish language. Or maybe you want to join the community of more than 400 million Spanish-speaking people in Latin America. Perhaps you’ll learn voseo in Quito, the beautiful "ll" sound in Buenos Aires, or Mexico’s unique inflections. No matter which location you choose you are in great hands with don Quijote!
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Alicante Discover Costa Blanca
Madrid De Madrid al Cielo
Seville Passion, Beauty, and Rhythm
Barcelona Kaleidoscope of colors
Malaga Seaside Escape
Tenerife Eternal Spring
Cadiz Laid-back lifestyle
Marbella True Mediterranean Passion
Valencia Mediterranean Breeze and Culture
Granada Labyrinthine Streets
Salamanca Prestigious University City
Discover Latin America

With an extraordinary amount of passion, beauty, and enthusiasm for living the good life, Spain is a wonderful country to discover. Studying Spanish in Spain means you will enjoy a wonderful journey of the senses – imagine scents of orange blossoms in Valencia, Gaudi’s mystifying architecture in Barcelona, the tangy sea air in Alicante, dancing flamenco in Seville, listening to legends of kings and queens past in Granada, and tasting tapas in Madrid. We don’t want to boast, but Spain has tone of the world’s best culinary scenes – vast world-class vineyards and wineries, coveted olive groves that produce our savory olive oil, Michelin-starred restaurants, and world-famous chefs. Spain has a wonderful way of putting a modern spin on traditions and conserving a slow way of life, cherishing antique designs and customs. Dinners can easily last until midnight and family is the centerpiece of life. Spain is the ideal place to study Spanish, and with don Quijote you are guaranteed the best academic quality.


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