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On the west coast of Latin America lies a very special country with three distinct climates. It is a country very popular among travelers and especially one type of traveler: the backpacker. At the very mention of the name Machu Picchu, it is already clear which country we are talking about: Peru. Peru is one of the world's most popular backpacking destinations. And for good reason, because the options are endless for a perfect backpacking vacation. From the snowy peaks of the Andes to the arid desert of Huacachina - Peru will take you from one extreme to another. Traveling to Peru is a bit more expensive, but the experience you get in return is unforgettable.

  •  Backpacking in Peru is an adventure in itself. The many opportunities and sights are each worthwhile.
  • There is no need to book accommodation in advance, as there is often room available.
  •  The diversity of this country graces to the fullest. From the Andes Mountains to the deep jungle of the Amazon, Peru never ceases to amaze.

Peru officially bears the name Republic of Peru and lies on the land borders of Ecuador, Colombia and Bolivia. The Inca culture is world famous and many have heard of it. Because the country consists of three climate zones, namely desert steppe climate, tropical rainforest climate and tropical savanna climate, no two landscapes are the same. The best travel time to go backpacking does not matter much in terms of temperature, as it remains fairly stable throughout the year. This is due to the fact that Peru is located pretty close to the equator so there are fewer temperature changes. However, if you would like to be assured of a sunny stay, it is best to travel between May and October, as that is the dry season in Peru. In preparation for backpacking in Peru, it is advisable to read more about the rich history of this majestic country in advance. This way you can experience and witness the trip even more intensely.

An ideal starting point to begin your trip is in Lima, the capital of Peru. As a backpacker, you don't necessarily need to spend days on the road, as there are also simply day hikes just a few hours' drive from the capital itself. The cost in Peru is relatively cheaper than in the Netherlands, and the average spending per day comes to just over 20 euros per day. In addition, the price of an overnight stay is very cheap. Indeed, from about 8 euros per night you already have a double room. It is not necessary to book everything in advance, because there is almost always room. Throughout the country there are several thousand routes you can follow. Some of these popular routes are the Colca Canyon route, the Canopy route, the Inca route and the Gringo route.

This popular Gringo itinerary is ideal for those who are still complete beginners in backpacking. This itinerary takes you from the Andes Mountains to the Amazon and shows you all the famous attractions of Peru. The trip duration depends entirely on the time you have available and what you want to see, but on average it will be between 2 and 4 weeks. The itinerary generally starts in Lima and then descends towards the south of the country. The places visited are Pisco, Paracas, Ica, Nazca, Arequipaen and Puno. Eventually, after Puno, you will join the Inca route via Cuzco and end the route in the hidden Inca city: Machu Picchu.

This Inca trail is very special. Through the 45 kilometers of trails you will go from Cuzco to Machu Picchu in three or four days. It is recommended that you stay one or two days in Cuzco before you go, so that you can get used to the low oxygen levels in the mountains. What is good to know is that every year during the month of February the Inca trail is closed for ecological recovery. In addition, it is advisable to make reservations well in advance because these famous tourist sites often have a daily limit. Nevertheless, it is definitely worth it, because one thing is certain: a visit to this area will open your eyes.

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