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Barcelona 2014

This year on Sept. 11, the Catalan city of Barcelona celebrates its 300th anniversary. The celebration is known in Spain as "Tricentenari," literally translated "three hundredth anniversary", and highlights the most important events that took place in Barcelona's history in 1714 during the month of September. In collaboration with the Catalan government, the city council has organized events, debates, seminars, walking tours, artistic exhibitions and official celebrations to rediscover 18th-century Barcelona.

  • Taking a city break to Barcelona this year? Imagine yourself in the Barcelona of the 18th century and discover the city in a different perspective.
  • The Catalan city's 300th anniversary will be celebrated extensively through a wide range of activities.
  • The purpose of the celebration is to show what Barcelona looked like 300 years ago and the impact of the violent events of Sept. 11, 1714.

Barcelona in the 18th century was an upbeat and dynamic city striving to become a prosperous city again. After the death of childless King Carlos II in 1700, Emperor Charles V declared himself a candidate for the crown of the Spanish monarchy. Unfortunately, Carlos II, had named Philip V as his successor, leading to the War of Spanish Succession. During this war, it was Catalonia, which supported Carlos II against Castilian Spain, which supported Philip V. After 13 months, the city of Barcelona fell to the French and Spanish armies on Sept. 11, 1714, and Catalonia took over the city. Today, this is a National Holiday of Catalonia, "Diada Nacional de Catalunya", and commemorates the most valiant defeat in Barcelona's history.

After the fall of Barcelona, the massive 'Castilinization' began: Castilian was replaced by Catalan in every official document and planned housing projects began. With the construction of the new castle, where Ciutadella park is now located, the inhabitants of the 'La Ribera' neighborhood were exiled and housed in 'La Barceloneta'.

Now, in the Barcelona of 2014, these events are open to the public with the opening of the impressive market hall "Born Centre Cultural," a new archaeological cultural center where exhibitions are held. Here are a few exhibits dedicated to the Tricentenari. During a city break in Barcelona it is fun to visit the 'Mercat del Born' and to see the huge 18 by 14 meter map of Barcelona from 1714. This stands between the 'Parc de la Ciutadella' and 'Arc de Triomf'. This map shows the main points of old Barcelona and through a mobile application you will receive information about the historical sites. Also, top Barcelona chefs will prepare typical Catalan dishes from the 18th century. Will you be in Barcelona this year? Then take a look at 17th century Barcelona and see the city from a completely different perspective!
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