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Spanish is one of the most studied languages, with thousands of speakers around the world and with very beautiful and curious words. So, if you are taking a Spanish course, want to deepen your vocabulary and learn beautiful words in Spanish, this is the article for you!

Discover a list of 50 beautiful words in Spanish that will surprise you. Some are used daily, and others are uncommon, but the richness of this language is present in every word.

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50 beautiful words in Spanish

Below, you will find a list of 50 different Spanish words, some of them widely used and others not so popular daily.

  • Acendrado: said of something as a quality or conduct; pure and without blemish or defect.
  • Alma (soul): spiritual and immortal part of the human being.
  • Añoranza (homesickness): feeling of sorrow for the absence of someone or something dear to one's heart.
  • Apapachar: to give affectionate pats or hugs to someone.
  • Arcano (arcane): mysterious, secret.
  • Arrebol: red color, specifically the color of the clouds illuminated by the rays of the sun or the color of the face.
  • Aurora: pinkish light that appears in the sky before sunrise.
  • Azahar (orange blossom): white flower of the orange, lemon, and other citrus trees.
  • Beldad: beauty or loveliness, especially in people and, particularly, in the woman.
  • Bonhomía (bonhomie): affability, simplicity, kindness and honesty in character and behavior.
  • Brisa (breeze): soft and fresh wind.
  • Cálido (warm): that gives a sensation of heat.
  • Cereza (cherry): small, round, red fruit of the cherry tree.
  • Cielo (sky): atmosphere seen from the earth; firmament.
  • Claridad (clarity): quality of light; luminosity.
  • Constelación (constellation): a group of stars forming a recognizable pattern.
  • Destello (sparkle): a brief, bright glow.
  • Dulzura (sweetness): quality of sweetness; softness, gentleness.
  • Eco (echo): repetition of a reflected sound.
  • Efímero (ephemeral): short-lived.
  • Elocuencia (eloquence): ability to express oneself persuasively and fluently.
  • Esencia (essence): the most important and characteristic of something.
  • Estrella (star): celestial body that shines with its own light in the sky.
  • Éter (ether): celestial space or sky.
  • Euforia (euphoria): feeling of intense joy and well-being.
  • Flor (flower): part of a plant that contains the reproductive organs.
  • Fragancia (fragrance): pleasant and soft smell.
  • Girasol (sunflower): plant with a large yellow flower that turns toward the sun.
  • Glosolalia (glossolalia): gift of tongues; said of the supernatural capacity to speak tongues.
  • Horizonte (horizon): apparent line where the sky and the earth seem to be joined.
  • Íntimo (intimate): very personal or private.
  • Koala: marsupial mammal like a small bear, native of Australia.
  • Laberinto (labyrinth or maze): place formed by tangled paths of difficult exit.
  • Lluvia (rain): precipitation of water from the clouds.
  • Lucero (bright star): big and bright star.
  • Magia (magic): set of knowledge and practices with which it is pretended to obtain extraordinary things.
  • Melifluo (mellifluous): that has honey or is like it in its properties. Sweet, smooth, soft, tender, and delicate when speaking or when dealing with.
  • Murmullo (murmur): soft and continuous sound, like that of a conversation in a low voice.
  • Nostalgia: feeling of sorrow for the remoteness of something dear to him.
  • Onírico (oniric): related to dreams.
  • Origami: is a word of Japanese origin that means to shape a piece of paper.
  • Parpadeo (blinking): action of rapidly closing and opening the eyes.
  • Quimera (chimera): dream or illusion that is longed for and is very difficult to realize. In mythology, the chimera is an imaginary monster that spits flames and has the head of a lion, the belly of a goat and the tail of a dragon.
  • Rocambolesco (rocambolesque): said of a circumstance or fact, generally in series with others. Extraordinary, exaggerated, or implausible.
  • Soledad (solitude): state of being alone.
  • Solsticio (solstice): moment of the year in which the sun reaches its maximum or minimum declination.
  • Sombra (shadow): darkness where the light is obstructed.
  • Susurro (whisper): soft sound that is produced when speaking in a low voice.
  • Ukelele: stringed musical instrument, popularized from Hawaii, like the guitar, but of smaller size.
  • Vorágine (vortex): impetuous whirlpool made by the waters of the sea, rivers, or lakes. It can also mean unbridled passion or a mixture of very intense feelings.

Which one was your favorite? Did you know about the existence of words like ‘melifluo’ or ‘arrebol’ in Spanish? This list of beautiful words in Spanish will help you learn new terms while learning Spanish in Spain. Discover your favorite Spanish word and tell us, does it belong to this list?

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