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Thinking about the best way to study Spanish? Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages with more than 490 native speakers worldwide, so it is not surprising that more and more people are encouraged to study it.

Thus, donQuijote Spanish school can show you the best way to study Spanish. Although there is no single key to learning a language and it depends on each person, but improving your level of Spanish is very easy nowadays. We encourage you to study the language of Cervantes and improve your knowledge of the language by the hand of professionals and with unlimited resources at donQuijote.

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Sign up for a Spanish course

Start with the basics: a Spanish course in Spain. No matter your level of Spanish, if you are interested in advancing and improving your study of Spanish, a course is ideal for you. The teachers will help you to build your base if you are a beginner or to improve your vocabulary and way of communicating if you already know the basics.

The Spanish courses in Spain will prepare you to face real conversations and situations, while increasing your vocabulary, grammar, listening, and improving your speaking in Spanish.

Travel to a Spanish-speaking country

If you have the opportunity, choose a Spanish course in Spain to make the most of the learning experience. However, if you cannot have this opportunity, travel to a Spanish-speaking country such as Spain or Mexico.

Linguistic immersion in Spanish will help you internalize the language, and you will improve by leaps and bounds. Surrounding yourself 24 hours a day with the language you want to study will make your evolution fast and efficient, so traveling to Spain during your vacation to improve your knowledge is the second most efficient way to study Spanish.

Language apps

Another way to find the best way to study Spanish is with language apps. Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, so keeping up is easy and just a click away.

Download a language learning app on your phone and log in every day for a short Spanish lesson will help you improve faster. Without realizing it, you will expand your knowledge of Spanish, listening, and reading without effort. As time goes by, you will see that your Spanish knowledge is more extensive, and you will be able to understand a Spanish speaker or a conversation without any problems.

Listen to podcasts in Spanish

If your level is more advanced, listening to a podcast in Spanish can improve your understanding of the language little by little. Even if you are a beginner, you will find this option interesting to make your ear to the new language.

Spanish people tend to speak very fast, so listening to the language a little every day will help your ear get used to the sounds. Choose a topic that motivates you, whether it's culture, politics, or the environment, find the Spanish podcast that best suits your level and interests and get into the language.

Reading in Spanish

Another way to study Spanish is by reading. Reading is a fundamental part of learning any language because it allows you to learn vocabulary and expressions used in everyday life.

As with podcasts, choose a reading that interests you, according to your level, and read as much as you can in Spanish. News, opinion articles, fantasy books or articles from your field of study, whatever you read. All these options will help you learn vocabulary and Spanish expressions that are used daily.

Write in Spanish

Complementing the previous point is writing in Spanish. Just like reading, writing will help you practice your way of expressing yourself and use all your knowledge of Spanish to see how you evolve.

Write a diary that follows your language learning, describe your day-to-day life, or make a shopping list. It doesn't matter which method you choose because writing in Spanish can only bring you benefits. Reflect on your knowledge or talk about the last movie you saw but write in Spanish to improve your grammar and spelling.

Speak with native Spanish speakers

Although not strictly a form of studying, talking to native Spanish speakers or fellow students in Spanish will allow you to practice and improve. Try out everything you have learned in your Spanish course or listened to a podcast, speaking in the language you are studying is essential.

Join a language exchange group, travel to countries like Spain or practice with your classmates. It all adds up in your adventure of studying in Spanish, especially because practicing speaking will allow you to improve your way of expressing yourself and you will learn new words you didn't know you needed.

Still have doubts? With all these tricks you will be able to find the best way to study Spanish in a short time and in an effective way. Don't hesitate any longer and start learning Spanish in Spain with donQuijote.

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