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Carnival in Spain: Tenerife and Cadiz

Everyone in the Netherlands knows the concept of carnival. Either because they have celebrated it themselves in the south of our country, or because of the summer carnival in Rio de Janeiro. But carnival is also a well-known celebration in Spain. Carnival is celebrated throughout the country but especially in Cadiz and Santa Cruz de Tenerife, carnival is celebrated in a big way.

  • The third largest carnival in the world is in Cadiz.
  • In 2015, carnival takes place between Feb. 12 and 22.
  • The Santa Cruz de Tenerife carnival is the second largest carnival in the world after Rio de Janeiro.

Carnival in Spain is celebrated in almost the entire country. This celebration takes place in the 10 to 14 days before Ash Wednesday. This is on the same date as the Dutch carnival. This year carnival took place between Feb. 28 and March 4.

The two most famous places where carnival is celebrated in Spain are Cadiz and Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The world's largest carnival takes place in Rio de Janeiro. However Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Cadiz host the second and third largest carnivals in the world.

From home and abroad, many people come to visit the Carnival in Cadiz. Every day is a big party. Carnival in Cadiz is all about the singing, humor and irony. Even weeks before the carnival begins, carnival groups are practicing their songs. These songs make great use of humor and sarcasm. On the Friday of carnival, a carnival group that has won is announced. This is followed by partying until the early hours. On Sunday and Monday, it is then the honor of the choirs to perform their songs. In addition to all the singing during Carnival in Cadiz, several parades also take place. For example, the largest parade takes place on Sunday and the humorous parade on the last weekend.

Tenerife carnival opens with a big parade on the first Friday of carnival. Tenerife carnival is most similar to the Brazilian carnival. Exuberant costumes, floats and rhythm are several features of carnival in Tenerife. The election of La Reina, that year's carnival queen is one of the many highlights during carnival in Tenerife. Throughout the week there are several parades throughout the city. Carnival ends with "El Corso," which is the largest and most beautiful parade during Carnival. This parade takes place on the Tuesday of carnival and after this, carnival in Tenerife comes to an end.

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