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The Costa del Sol, most probably one of the most famous seaside resorts in Spain among Dutch tourists. It is the place for winter visitors, sun worshippers, people over 50 ... basically for every beautiful weather lover! Besides sun, sea and beach tourism, it is also a popular place among young people to spend their vacations. This is partly due to the many entertainment venues, stores and the international atmosphere it exudes. As its name suggests, the Costa del Sol is the sunniest coastline in Spain, as costa del sol stands for solar coast. This is not for nothing, because with more than 325 days of sunshine, you can wear this name with honor. You can go sunbathing in the sun, of course, but the Costa del Sol has much more to offer than just sunshine. In fact, its beautiful landscapes and excellent climate also make the Costa del Sol a preferred destination for sports activities.   

Beautiful gardens, unique museums and delicious food can all be found along the 150 kilometers of coastline along the Costa del Sol. The coastline is located on the southern side of Spain in the province of Málaga, in the autonomous region of Andalusia and is situated on the Mediterranean Sea. It lies between the regions of Gibraltar and Almería and includes the provinces of Málaga, Cadiz and Granada. Due to its excellent location, a large percentage of Andalusia's accommodation is also centered here. White villages, miles of sandy beaches, wide rivers and mountains characterize the region along the Costa del Sol. The people are also part of the Costa del Sol. The open and friendly appearance of the people makes you feel right at home. Furthermore, it is also a popular destination for a reason, as it is the complete opposite of what the Netherlands has to offer. This is the ultimate place to unwind in a completely different environment.

The sandy beaches along the Costa del Sol are most probably the most famous of the Spanish coasts. They are very different from each other: from the noisy and touristy beaches full of facilities, to the quiet and almost deserted sandy beaches with only sand and beach. Along the coastline, besides sunbathing you can also achieve active activities, thanks to the many sports clubs located here in the area. One popular activity in the region is golf. Cadiz is known for having the finest golf clubs in all of Spain. This is partly due to the various factors that influence this. The climate, location, design, facilities and maintenance are very important. Besides golf, tennis is also a sport that is widely practiced here.

Over the years, golf and tennis have often come to be known as truly elite sports. Of course, they are not just for the elite. However, the fact is that all these excellent facilities have attracted the elite. In the smaller mountain villages a few hundred meters away from the beach, there are often many villas and luxury houses where the elite of Spain (and other countries) like to settle temporarily or permanently. It is a place where the luxury lifestyle can be realized with ease. This elite image is maintained in part by various luxury events held annually in the area, such as the "Marbella Luxury Weekend," the "ILTM" fair ("International Luxury Travel Market") and the "Arabian Travel Market. Many international stars have also traveled to this true luxury haven. The cruise ships and luxury yachts are certainly not lacking here.

In addition, just a few kilometers away there are beautiful famous places of Spain to visit, such as romantic Ronda and palace-rich Granada. In short, the Costa del Sol is a place where many can stay longer.

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