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Sport in Spain has become an important part of Spanish culture. It can actually be performed anywhere, but for some exercises, of course, some places lend themselves better than others. This is also true of cycling in Spain. Of all the islands Spain possesses, Mallorca is by far the best cycling island. It is also the largest of the Balearic Islands. The mountainous landscape, good cycling facilities and infrastructure help this. You can explore the island by bike almost all year round and every season brings something special here. This completely changes the look of the island and makes cycling on Mallorca never boring. Not only in Spain itself are many cycling vacations offered, also from the Netherlands many organizations go that way every year. You do not have to be a professional cyclist if you would like to join in. Cycling on Mallorca is very accessible for young and old, as long as there is enough guidance for the little ones, of course.

  • It is useful to distinguish between two levels: the sportive cyclist and the recreational cyclist.
  • Sporty cyclists will cycle more inland. Here you sometimes have climbs of up to 6% that are a few kilometers long.
  • For recreational cyclists, the distances are often shorter and less demanding. In addition, there are more frequent stops to enjoy the scenery and to have a drink.

Cycling in Mallorca

A wide variety of routes, with many beautiful turns, different altitudes and excellent cycling facilities. Mallorca is 70 kilometers wide and 100 kilometers long. It has an average temperature of nineteen degrees and has a Mediterranean climate with warm summers and mild winters that lends itself extremely well to bicycle tours. If you decide to go with your own bike, do consider the bike case supplement. This can also just be a bike box. However, it is advisable to pack the bike well or rather leave it at home to avoid any damage to the bike during transport. Once arrived in Mallorca, there are several tourist information centers where free bike routes are available for those who like to explore the island by themselves or with and group. For a clear distinction between the different levels, there are two different groups: the recreational cyclist and the sportive cyclist.

Sporty cyclists will do real day trips between 70 and 140 km per day at a higher speed. However, there are often different levels in this as well, as some of the climbs can be quite high. This can sometimes range from 4% to 9%. The sporty cyclist will also cycle mostly inland where the mountains are highest and the turns sharper. The "Serra de Tramuntana" and the "Serra de Llevant" are also by far the most popular destinations for beautiful and challenging cycling routes.

The recreational cyclist will take it a little easier. The routes will mostly be around the island or in between the mountain ranges. This way, even the little ones can just join in. Wearing a helmet is mandatory and gives that extra bit of safety. The average speed will also be relatively lower than that of the sporty cyclists. The average will be between 15 km/h and 20 km/h. These are often not day trips, but small trips of two or three hours with several stops to enjoy the scenery with a refreshing drink.

Don't feel like biking for a while? No problem! Mallorca is pre-eminently a child-friendly island and thus also has excellent beach facilities. You can also enjoy shopping in the capital Palma de Mallorca. Every year the famous cycling event the 'Challenge Ciclista a Mallorca' is also held there. Here a series of a total of four one-day races are held. Some of the biggest names in cycling have already taken part. For those who do not feel like cycling for a while can still watch it in peace and quiet. In short, no one will be bored here.

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