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Tenerife is known for its beautiful beaches and the always nice weather. Located next to the coast of Morocco, near the equator, this island is the ideal place for a sun vacation. With an average temperature between 18 and 25 degrees, Tenerife is also known as "the land of eternal spring. With an abundance of coral reefs, cave and wreck dives and a sea temperature of over 20 degrees, Tenerife is the ideal location for a diving vacation in Europe.

  • Tenerife is one of the best places in Europe for diving. You can dive to various shipwrecks, underwater animals and caves.
  •  With Tenerife's pleasant climate, the island is very popular all year round.
  • don Quijote now combines Spanish courses with diving courses in Tenerife!

The best diving destinations are often far outside Europe. Think Thailand, Mexico, Egypt and Australia. Even though the water in Europe is not as clear, you won't find fish like Nemo or colorful coral reefs, there are some special diving spots to be found in Europe.  Tenerife is one of the most popular destinations in Europe for diving vacations. Because Tenerife is an island, there are plenty of exciting, interesting and fun diving spots to be found.

The island of Tenerife has plenty of great places to (scuba) dive. Scuba means "Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus" and is the international term for the compressed air apparatus. Scuba diving and regular diving are both possible on the island. Wherever you stay, there is always a dive spot nearby. Surely the most popular spot is El Puertito. Here you can get your first diving license and the water is up to 12 meters deep, so no experience is required. At El Puertito you will encounter a few underwater animals such as parrotfish, turtles and octopus. Las Vistas is also very popular among beginners. Again, you don't need any experience and you can dive up to 12 meters deep. Las Vistas is very popular for its night diving. Here you can spot scorpion fish, stingrays and also octopuses.

For wreck diving, El Condesito is the place to be. Here you can dive to the wreckage of the ship Condesito. The diving area is as deep as 30 meters, but no diving experience is required. At El Meridian you can find wreck pieces of the ship Meridian and the special thing about this wreck is that the ship remained almost unchanged. However, diving experience is required here. Among experienced divers, the spots El Meridian and the Cueva de las Morenas are very popular. At both spots you can dive up to 30 meters deep. In addition, the spot Cueva de las Morenas is very special because there is a cross and a statue of the Virgin Carmen around the bottom. This should remind divers in Tenerife not to dive recklessly.

There are plenty of diving schools in Tenerife to suit all tastes. For a beginning diver a basic lesson costs about 60 to 70 euros and a first course, the PADI Open Water course of 3 to 4 days costs about 350 euros. It is also possible to spend a day snorkeling which costs about 30 euros. In Tenerife you can also combine a Spanish course with a diving course. This way you do two things in one! For diving enthusiasts, Tenerife is the ideal place in Europe. Nice and close, always a good temperature and beautiful and exciting diving spots.

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