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As the youngest son of famous singer Julio Iglesias, it was no surprise that Enrique chose to become a singer as well. This has served him well, not least because of his looks.

On May 8, 1975, Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler was born in Madrid. He continued to live there until he was 7 years old and was sent to his father, who lived in America. From then on, things move quickly. When he is a teenager he sings in a school musical and his career has begun. A few years later he manages to land a recording contract.

He adopts an artist name ''Martinez'' when he sends a demo to a record company, hoping not to be seen ''as-the-son-of''. When his career starts to get a little more serious, he tells his parents that he is going to be an artist. His parents are a little skeptical about it but they support him.

When Enrique Iglesias' first album was released in 1996, it did well in Spanish-speaking countries. But success in other countries was not forthcoming. After the same happens with his second album, he decides to conquer the rest of the world. He made an English-language album and scored hits with ''Bailamos'' (which spent 16 weeks in the Dutch top 100) and ''Rythm Devine''. A number 1 hit followed with ''Can I have this kiss forever'' in collaboration with Whitney Houston. Many more hits follow such as ''Hero'', ''Be with you'' and ''Escape''.

He releases more hits such as in 2007 ''Do you know'', ''Taking back my love'' with Ciara and ''Can you hear me''. From 2010 he also scores several more hits with famous artists such as Wisin y Yandel ''No me digas que no'', Juan Luis Gerra ''Cuando me Enamoro'', Pitbull ''I like it'', Usher & lil Wayne ''Dirty dancer'', Nicole Sherzinger ''Heartbeat'', Ludacris ''Tonight I'm loving you'' and more.

Enrique Iglesias has also performed several times in the Netherlands, he has already performed in Ahoy three times. A concert by Enrique Iglesias is almost always crowded and mainly by female spectators.

Enrique has won many awards since 1996. He has won a Grammy, a Latino Grammy, several MTV awards, World Music Awards and many more. All this added up + more than 50 million albums sold make Enrique Iglesias one of the biggest Latin pop stars of this decade!

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