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Not nicknamed the ´Costa del Golf´ for nothing, the Spanish Costa del Sol is a real paradise for the golfers among us! It is known for its high quality and sometimes very distinguished golf courses, and of course its eternal spring. Also, playing golf in Spain is a wonderful way to relax.

The ´Costa del Golf´ runs from Málaga to Gibraltar. There are many luxury golf resorts and high quality golf courses in this area. Although previously golf clubs were only open to members, nowadays it is possible to play at almost every club as a visitor. All you need is your CFP, and for some courses a low handicap.

The golf courses in Spain are the number one in Europe and when you are in the right place, you can enjoy a game of golf all year round in wonderful springtime temperatures. The golf courses are excellently cared for and are always equipped with every luxury. The courses are varied and different, sometimes watery or surrounded by palm trees and often overlooking the sea!

One of the places you must visit for a golfing vacation is Marbella. This famous golf resort is known for its always pleasant temperatures and beautiful golf courses. Marbella is visited by people from all over the world. There are many options for a sports vacation. Golf vacations are also offered in Marbella in combination with a Spanish course. A perfect combination!

But not only on the Costa del Sol can you enjoy a wonderful golf vacation, as Spain has more than 590 golf courses. Most of them have 18 holes, with the exception of a dozen courses that have 36 holes. But, the golf course at the Mar Menor in Murcia has no less than 54 holes! With this wide range of golf courses, the choice is easily made, a golf vacation is done in Spain. Often there are several courses close to each other which provides a pleasant variety during your golf vacation. And if you want something else than golf, this is of course no problem. Especially on the Costa del Sol you have everything within reach, the beach, nature or the city.

Enjoy a golf vacation in Spain now!

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