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Tenerife is a volcanic island. The island's rich flora, volcanic landscapes and vast valleys, pine forests and deserts are characteristics that make hiking on Tenerife so special. It is totally different from the Dutch landscape. Hiking can be done in various ways: guided, with GPS, on your own, etc. In any case, whoever sets foot on this earth will be able to walk around here for hours.

  • Tenerife has a volcanic landscape and also possesses Spain's highest mountain, “Pico del Teide.
  • Those who hike in the Teno Mountains should definitely visit the village of Masca. This indigenous village can only be visited since a few years and is really worth a visit.

Hiking obviously involves the hiking facilities that are there. Because this exercise is so popular in Tenerife, the hiking facilities there are excellent. With a map handy, it seems almost impossible to get lost here. There are information points located at each nature reserve where they know all about the area, including useful information and tips on the various hiking routes and sights. Hikes can vary from one day to three days or more and the difficulty of the tours depends on various conditions, such as length, altitude and surface. In terms of temperature, Tenerife is pleasant all year round and therefore ideal for hiking; not too cold and not too hot. For true floral lovers and sun worshippers, the most ideal period for hiking in spring is between April and June. Everything is then in bloom and colors the island with the most spectacular spring colors. Well-known flora are the beautiful endemic Tijanaste and the Canary bellflower. These plant species are found only on this island and have beautiful colors.

Las Cañadas del Teide is by far the most famous hiking area in Tenerife. The area consists of several routes with different levels of difficulty. However, a good condition is important for all routes. It is a mountainous area with many ascents and descents where there are also many loose stones. Some caution is therefore always requested. The area is protected and belongs to the National Park. It is the sunniest place on the entire island and was declared a World Heritage Site in 2007. Also located here is the striking rock Roque de Garcia. This rock is the figurehead of Tenerife and has a particularly unique shape. This national park was created from the remains of an ancient primordial volcano. 

This one was still many times larger than the present volcano Pico del Teide. The old primordial volcano blew up part of itself by a large eruption. Landslides occurred and a new volcano arose from the remnants of the old volcano. There have been no eruptions since 1909. This last small eruption covered the volcano with several lava layers. Each layer is different with different shades of color. This is also the highest mountain in Spain and for good reason, because here at the foot of the mountain you can see a veritable sea of clouds. This sea of clouds is better known in the locals' vernacular as panza de burra (donkey belly). It is the result of rapid and steady gusts of wind that, with the combination of moisture and rapid airflow, form a thick dense layer of clouds. This particular phenomenon can be seen almost every summer.

One of the other hikes is in the Teno Mountains. This is the oldest part of the island and is known as the wildest area of Tenerife. With high mountains, deep ravines and dizzying views, this is well worth the effort. The area has six routes, all of which are available at the information point. Because the area is so rugged, there are some mountain villages that were not really accessible until recently. The village of Masca is an example of this. This is also the starting point of a beautiful hike that goes along the famous Masca ravine towards the sea.

Besides the Teno Mountains, the Anaga Mountains are a beautiful area for an interesting hike. The starting point for hiking routes starts from Puerto de la Cruz and La Orotava. It is advisable to walk downhill, though, because the routes are sometimes very steep and long. During one of these tours, you also have the chance that you will walk in the fog for part of the tour. This just makes it extra exciting and is one of the reasons why hiking in Tenerife is also such a true adventure.

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